“Your solitude is welcome…”

I opted to take a vacation day, to extend my holiday weekend, and not feel so rushed yesterday. I treated today mostly like a normal day–I’d set my alarm to go off at 5, but I don’t think it did (either that, or I was so tired I slept through it). I was up at 6, got Jay & the bambino up at 7, then dropped them off at work and daycare. I came back home to finish up my grocery list, then got the grocery shopping done:

I’m so happy to have food again! The only meat I ended up buying was a 10-pack of pork chops (the only meat we didn’t already have in the freezer). I divided those up (I can get 3 meals from a 10-pack):

My best friend Barbee, her mom & sister chipped in and bought me the Seal-A-Meal as a bridal shower gift. It has come in VERY handy over the years!

After grocery shopping was done, I popped back down to Sioux Falls to do some shopping. Jay needed some clothes, and as long as I was out & about, I picked myself up a new skillet, some slippers, and some cool B&W houndstooth notecards (not only do I love all things plaid, but I also love anything black & white, be it checked or houndstooth). When I got back to town, I unloaded my purchases, then dashed back out to pick up Jay & the bambino.

Jay & I had every intention of doing yoga this afternoon, but my heart wasn’t in it (plus I had/still have a headache), and after he spent about 20 minutes outside tending to the garden and being eaten alive by all the mosquitos, he wasn’t up for it either. I got to work on dinner, instead:

Mozzarella in carrozza, and fried zucchini strips:

I sort of followed the recipe for the mozzarella in carrozza that’s in my Rao’s cookbook, but not entirely. My egg batter wasn’t seasoned with anything other than salt and pepper, and I just used sliced mozzarella, not fresh. Jay still scarfed down 2 sandwiches, so it can’t have been all bad!

As for the fried zucchini, I’m really the only one who likes that. I’d first had it at a restaurant in Pennsylvania–Moon, PA, I think, and I think the name of the place was Mario’s*, but I could be wrong. I loved it, though–It was in the basement of this building, and it was like walking onto the set of GoodFellas. One of their appetizers was fried zucchini strips with a side of marinara. Every so often, I get a craving for it, and make my attempt at replicating it. I found a recipe for the batter, and my strips end up matching my memory, so I’m happy.

*Okay, I broke down and Googled Mario’s. My memory isn’t so bad after all. And the zucchini strips are the first appetizer listed.

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6 Replies to ““Your solitude is welcome…””

  1. *drools*

    Gawd, I love zucchini! I usually eat it along with other veggies in a stir-fry, with a curry-based dish, or in an omelette. This simple batter-fried recipe sounds delish! I may or may not have to add a little beer to my batch, though :-D

    My Mum gave me a yoga workout mat & instructional thingy over the weekend– I might just end up trying it. I will most likely love it. When I’m an old lady, I might even be able to get up like my late grandmother did– faster than the rest of us! 92 & doing yoga every day for upwards of 70 years. Whoa.


    • @Raineth–I never thought about using a beer batter (moreso because I never have beer around since I’m allergic and all), but I bet that would be awesome. If you try it, you’ll have to let me know how it is.

      @Vincent–Thanks for stopping by!

      @Year on the Grill–Thanks to you too for stopping by! Y’know, I’ve been in SoDak almost 6 years now, and I’ve only been as far west as Mitchell. One of these days I’ll make it to the other side of the state!

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  3. Hey… found you through the foodie blogroll. My wife is from south dakota. planning on retiring to the black hills one day.

    Enjoyed reading your blog

  4. Saw your blog from the foodie blog roll and enjoyed reading your posts :) I like the way you write, and couldn’t help but smile at some of your rants. like a good book, i just couldn’t stop reading :) I’m off to look at some of your wonderful recipes