“Bottle of wine, fruit of the vine…When you gonna answer my email?”

So awhile ago, Sacha of Shes Krafty, Swirl, Smell, Slurp, and Somewhere Something asked me about taking part in the United Slurps of America project that she & Jason have started. They needed someone from South Dakota, I happen to live in South Dakota (and like to drink wine), and I’ve been reading Sacha since we were both blogging at Blog City. And when she asked, I accepted, not knowing what a pain in the arse it would be to get SoDak wineries to even respond to my emails, let alone troll for free samples or even suggestions on which wines to taste! As of now, I’ve sent emails to 3 different wineries, with zero response. Quite frankly, I don’t exactly want to have to go to the Brookings Municipal Liquor Store, and buy up 2 of each wine that strikes my fancy, then figure out a way to send them off to California, but it’s looking as though that is what’s going to have to happen, if I am to participate, and Sacha & Jason want to taste SoDak wines. But we’ll see. Maybe the third time emailing someone will be the charm, and I can at least get a reply, even if it’s “Screw you!”

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8 Replies to ““Bottle of wine, fruit of the vine…When you gonna answer my email?””

  1. Chica ~ the wine shop should ship anything you buy for you….if they don’t, they are in the wrong business….

    • Ma–If I buy from the liquor store here in town, it’s unlikely that they’ll ship anything for me. The winery I emailed late last night is out in the Black Hills, so even if I did an online order & had it sent to Sacha, I’m still looking at paying the shipping. I’m still waiting to see if someone will at least email me back. The other two wineries never responded.

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    • I wonder what the folks at BMLS are going to think when I go in there and ask for my box of booze. :)

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