A random assortment

In reference to my last post about South Dakota wineries, I finally DID get an email response, AND a couple of phone calls. Thanks to the very nice Michele and Karen out at Prairie Berry, Sacha and I both will be receiving 4 bottles of wine next week. More on that to come later.

I haven’t exactly been busy this week, but it feels like it. We’ve had things to do each night after work. For a 3-day work week, it feels like Friday took forever to get here!

I had a lunch meeting on Wednesday (semi-work-related), and went to The Pheasant (which I’ll be going back to again Tuesday for another work-related meeting):

We grilled burgers, hot dogs & brats for dinner that night. I didn’t take pictures.

Thursday was another semi-short day, as I had another meeting from 4-5, then came home (after stopping to get some diced ham), and got to work on dinner:

Pasta with Toasted Breadcrumbs. I used fusilli, since that’s what I had a full pound of.And diced ham, instead of prosciutto, just because I was feeling lazy & not in the mood to chop much. It turned out fine, though:

Jay liked it, since it was “light & buttery” (something I never thought I’d hear him say). I probably should’ve served a salad with it, but, again, I was feeling lazy.

I’ve been going back to eating oatmeal for breakfast, since finally getting to the grocery store earlier this week. I opted to try McCann’s Irish Oatmeal this time around, just because A) I once had a monster obsession with anything from the British Isles, and B) I just wanted something different than Country Choice or Bob’s Red Mill (both of whom make fine, delicious oatmeal).

I happen to like my oatmeal thick & gloppy, and McCann’s turns out just as I always imagined old-school porridge to be. And I don’t know if it’s the fact that the oats are imported from Ireland or what, but they’re a little sweeter and chewier than any other oats I’ve had before. The bambino & I have been sharing a bowl of oatmeal each morning before work/daycare:

(Yeah, I broke down and bought more Dark Chocolate Dreams. It’s like crack to me.)

And speaking of the bambino…The poor little guy’s been sick again. We were planning on going to the Brookings Summer Arts Festival sometime today, but I don’t think it’s going to happen now. My friend Melissa (Of Eden Prairie Cheesecake fame) is on the Board for the Festival, which is a really big deal for Brookings. We’ve only ever purchased one or two things from any of the vendors–We go for the food. I like to get a monster-sized bag of candied almonds to munch as we walk around, Jay likes meat-on-a-stick stuff, and there’s one vendor who does homemade fries cooked to order that I like. But, Thursday, the bambino started saying he felt sick and needed to go to the doctor. He’d fallen and skinned his knee, and we thought he was milking sympathy for that. He seemed fine otherwise. Yesterday, though, was another story. He apparently threw up over at Jay’s mom & dad’s, while Jay was trying to fix their computer. He threw up a few more times over the course of the evening, although he’s been puke-free since about midnight. I’m thinking that while we’ll still probably skip the Arts Festival (at least today), the worst of the vomiting might be over.

And if we do make the attempt to venture over to Pioneer Park, I’ll be back with some pictures of festival food!

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3 Replies to “A random assortment”

  1. Oh no – I hope the kiddo starts to feel better soon! We’ll probably hit up the arts festival tomorrow and I eat that crack pb all the time myself and make special trips to w-mart just to get it – ridiculous.

    • Post on the Arts Festival food consumed to be coming shortly…The bambino is back to normal, thankfully (I hate cleaning up vomit). And I understand the ridiculousness–The last time I bought the PB, it was the only reason I went to WM, and the only thing I bought while I was there!

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