“Sun’s too bright…”

We had some weird weather last night. As I was finishing up my previous post, I noticed a storm rolling in from the west. I checked online, and we were about to get it with what was supposed to be a severe storm, with baseball-sized hail. Nutjob that I sometimes am, I popped outside to get a better look (looking sort of southwest):

The northwest looked even worse, a few minutes later:

I thought sure the sirens would start going off at any second, once the sky turned greenish, but the weird thing was, other than about 5-10 minutes of heavy rain, lots of thunder and lightning, that was it. The storm passed over us within 10-15 minutes. The other thing that was weird (that Jay & I chalked up to the storm blowing through so fast & hitting so close to sunset), was that the sky then turned orange:

I know in that picture (from my back window), it looks more like I had my camera facing right at the sun or something, but everything had a firey-orange tint to it. Again, I was sure something freaky weather-wise was about to happen, and we’d have to go get the bambino and head to the basement. But I was wrong.

This morning was nice and sunny, and fairly cool for it being roughly mid-July. Inga & Mike came up here for the weekend, so we went and had Sunday dinner with them, and celebrated one of my nephew’s birthdays (along with Jay’s). I was thinking last night that I’d make corn chowder tonight, but since breakfast ended up being Chobani and granola (I never got around to frying the bacon I would’ve needed for the chowder), I decided instead to make use of some of the pasta from a couple nights ago:

Yet another frittata, but this one had the fusilli with toasted breadcrumbs, and some rosemary/garlic dipping spice added in (Inga gave me the idea, after she told me that she & Mike buy various dipping spices all the time, but rather than do like Jay & I, and serve them with olive oil & bread, they add them into whatever they’re cooking–Tonight, I thought I’d give it a try), which made the frittata a little greenish-looking. It tasted fine, though.

This time, I did serve a salad along with it, which may be why Jay only had one slice (normally, I might be slightly offended by the fact that he didn’t polish off half of it right away, but in this case, it means I have 2 days’ worth of lunches, so I’m fine with it).

And since the only dessert-ish items we had were strawberries and pineapples, I opted to eat the berries (Jay had the pineapple). I picked up some cream cheese fruit dip (I know the stuff is horrible for you, but it’s so good!) for the berries:

I’ll have more berries with my lunch tomorrow. I need to start working on my grocery list for next week…I think Saturday morning, the bambino and I might have to make a trek out there–After we hit the farmers market, for the first time in about a month or so!

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