“L’eggo my eggo!”

It’s been an interesting couple of days. Monday was Monday, nothing special there. Yesterday was Jay’s birthday. I had a work-lunch at The Pheasant but I told Jay I’d take him out for dinner at Guadalajara. I usually plan my snacks out a little better than I did yesterday. I ended up having to ask someone at the bar for crackers, since my blood sugar was dropping. I haven’t had that happen in a very long time, but I got shaky and started getting a headache from lack of food. When my lunch came, I practically inhaled it:

I thought it kind of funny that 3 or 4 of us ordered the same entree. After I scarfed my food, I started feeling a LOT better. Next month, I won’t have to worry about that, since the meeting will be at one of the bank branches.

After work, I came home to find that I had a giant box waiting for me:

Thanks to Foodbuzz’s Tastemaker Program, I got some freebies from Eggo Waffles–Some new Fruit Pizzas. I was a little skeptical about them…When I first saw them, I thought it seemed a little much with the granola and cream cheese, etc. I received a sample of each type:

But after popping them into the freezer, we left to go and eat. It was a crazy enough day that I decided I needed a margarita with my meal…I don’t think I’ve had one since right after the bambino was born–Part of my Christmas gift that year was a gift certificate from my mother-in-law along with an offer to babysit. I think the bambino was about 2 weeks old, maybe as old as a month.

I got tacos once again…This time beef hard shells that pretty much fell apart before I could eat them.

This morning, I decided to brave the Fruit Pizza and have one for breakfast:

I chose strawberry, just because the mixed berry variety had blueberries on it, and I am a freak who doesn’t care that much for blueberries. I found it a little amusing that it came in a little tray just like a regular microwave pizza.

And it reminded me a little of the frozen pizzas I occasionally cook for Jay & the bambino. But it looked alright:

It smelled really good while it was spinning around on the turntable.

And it was okay-tasting. Jay thought it tasted basically like an Eggo waffle with fruit on it. It’s nothing I’d probably buy myself, but I wouldn’t refuse it if it was offered to me elsewhere. I took the other pizza into work, to share it with my coworkers. A couple people liked it, some thought it was interesting.

I was excited to come home for lunch–Not only did I get to have lunch with Jay, but our new laptop arrived this morning!!! I’m using it at the moment, to post this entry, and it’s taking some getting used to. Both my parents have laptops, but I’ve had a desktop for probably 10 years or so. Still, the laptop will come in very handy whenever we travel, which is often enough that I always feel like a schlub asking to borrow someone else’s computer. I like it too, because I’m sitting in my living room typing this up, while Jay & the bambino are watching “The Empire Strikes Back.”

It’s so shiny and pretty, and I love it already! We had another exciting “first” today:

Jay’s first pepper, a pepperocini Greek. It’s not quite ripe yet, but it looked tempting enough to Jay that he picked one. The bambino took a bite, said he liked it, took another bite, then spit it out. Jay ate everything but the stem.

And because he’s a good thoughtful husband, he bought us George’s for tonight’s dinner. Which was delicious, as always. I need to get myself out of my work clothes (yes, I’ve been playing with the laptop pretty much since I got home), and into some pajamas. I need to get the bambino ready for bed too.

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6 Replies to ““L’eggo my eggo!””

  1. Thanks for sharing the breakfast pizza! I will admit I am still alittle weirded out by them but I could see my nephew becoming an addict. Perhaps he would eat something besides sausage for a change…

    • Yeah, they were a little weird. I think it’s the fact that you’re supposed to heat them up or something that’s throwing me off. All other fruit pizzas I’ve ever had have been chilled. Your nephew eats nothing but sausage? Same with Lex. It must be a boy thing!

  2. Oh the pepper is so cute! haha I can’t believe the size of the box those crazy fruit pizza came in, it practically rivals the Bonnie (my mother-in-law) boxes we get. :-)

  3. Hi, Rachel. How strange your life is these days in SoDak, what with grey-green-orange skies, from which have dropped boxes of Eggo products! It’s kind of like The Wizard of Oz, except the box of frozen foods would have fallen on the witch, killing her with assorted berries.

    I guess the Tastemakers don’t make it up to Canada – no free products falling out of the sky for me, from Foodbuzz….


    • @Dan–Boo to you not getting freebies in Canada…I wonder why that is. Maybe one of the crazy SoDak storms can sweep some goodies up your way one of these days!

      @Katie–I was kind of hoping that maybe 2 of each pizza would be in that box, but it was mostly a big bag o’dry ice, and the two tiny pizzas underneath. Does Bonnie pack those boxes full of Canadian candy goodies? :)

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