“If you dig a little deeper, you might be surprised…”

We had more wacky weather again last night. That seems to be a recurring theme this summer. And of course, it started to get bad right before we walked out the door to drop off the bambino with his grandparents for the evening. There were weird-looking clouds again:

The tornado sirens sounded about 10 minutes after we got to the reception hall, although no one except 2 people ventured to the basement. The rest of us wandered over to the windows to watch the skies (in true SoDak or even Ohio fashion). The radio was piped in, and after hearing that the worst of whatever was going on was north of Brookings, we all relaxed and went milling about. I figured it was a good excuse for some snacks and some wine:

There was quite the spread of fruit, cheese, crackers and veggies (although since I don’t do veggies, I kept going back for fruit, and cheese, and crackers). I also had some wine:

I had 2 small glasses, then switched to coffee in time for dessert:

That bar on the right looked so good when I took it, but I realized there was a problem as soon as I cut into it for a bite–Coconut. I was disappointed, and gave it to Jay to finish. The other bar was more than enough to hold me over for awhile, though.

After about an hour & a half, we decided we’d better go and pick up the bambino, so we left. During the reception, we had a torrential downpour–To the point that a lot of areas around town were flooded:

We ended up pulling into Arby’s to wait and see if the water would recede (and get a little more to eat), because I wasn’t about to drive through that mess. The National Guard recruitment office is next door to Arby’s, and they had a lot of water:

I felt sorry for the two people we saw heading into the building to clean up. There were more weird clouds as the storm moved East:

I’ve experienced more weird and severe weather in the past month than I have in the 5 1/2 years that I’ve lived out here. Although I will say, I think it’s been about that long since I’ve seen hail. Not that I’m wishing for that–Especially not with the garden and all!

I didn’t mention that I got a special delivery on Friday:

Not the Ewok–I actually have a mostly-full wine rack, thanks to Prairie Berry Winery! I need to work up a menu of sorts, since I’m thinking of having some folks over next weekend to help me taste all 4 of those wines. It’ll be part of my contribution to the United Slurps of America project with Swirl, Smell, Slurp. I’ll have more on that next week!

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2 Replies to ““If you dig a little deeper, you might be surprised…””

  1. Wow, I cannot believe the wHaCky weather!!! CrAzy!!!!! Love your site, will be back to explore s’more!!!