Sunday night….

It’s 7:45 on a Sunday, and I have the dishes done, the laundry done, and other than packing my lunch and setting the coffee maker for tomorrow morning, I am done with my chores and can actually relax for the rest of the evening. This is rather unusual for me, as normally, I’d just be switching over the last load of clothes, and would have a million other things to finish up.

I’ve done a fair bit of cooking today. For breakfast, I fried up some bacon and made pancakes. I did my usual addition of cinnamon and nutmeg to the pancake batter, but I did the unusual measurement of said spices (I usually just add to taste), and dumped in way too much nutmeg for my liking. Jay & the bambino liked them fine and ate them up (the bambino actually ate an entire pancake–Usually he just fills up on whatever breakfast meat is available), but I ate the equivalent of 2/3 of a single pancake.

I grilled the steaks and half the sweet corn from yesterday’s farmers market jaunt.

Unfortunately, I overcooked the steaks a bit. Well, more than a bit:

I considered something I never do–Using steak sauce. My steak, sadly, was that dry. The corn was good, and so were the cottage fries I fixed that no one else wanted. I wasn’t as hungry as I thought, and didn’t finish my meal:

I did want to leave room for dessert, which was one reason I didn’t inhale everything:

That, and I’m trying to pay attention to my bodily cues, and stop when I feel comfortably full, but not “I-need-elastic-waist-pants” full. And I think now that it’s taken me over an hour to write this entry, I’ll go fix the coffee maker, pack a lunch and maybe get myself ready for bed!

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6 Replies to “Sunday night….”

  1. Damn! What did that steak do to you? Kidding! – that is why I never touch the grill. I can’t cook outside to save my life.

    • @Erin–Usually, I do a lot better than that, which is why I took over the grilling! I just goofed that time.

  2. Hi, Rachel. I find grilling (we have an old propane one) to be difficult for steak, so pan-searing on the stove with just salt and pepper works for me. However, corn-on-the-cob turns out well on the grill.

    I have a weakness for those ice cream sandwiches (the best quality ones available commercially, he writes, trying to justify eating such things). It is important to not skip that as dessert – calcium and protein!



    • Hi Dan!
      I usually broil my steaks, but since we bought our little charcoal grill, I’ve been finding all sorts of excuses to use it. I’ve done much better in the past with grilling steaks (to the point that Jay now does nothing more than light the coals for me, since I’m a little pyro-phobic, if there is such a word, and I do all the rest), but I think this time around my issue was that the steaks were still slightly frozen, and I tried to avoid under-cooked steaks (Medium’s what Jay & I like) by cooking them longer than I would’ve. Live & learn–And then have some ice cream! ;)