The Aftermath…

This is definitely a 2-pot-of-coffee type of day. I got a little worried that I was going to be a lame-o, and no one was going to come to my party last night, after I got a text from Allison, saying she wasn’t going to make it (Hal also had to bail, but he actually came over to tell me in person). But Melissa arrived, (bearing a gift, no less!) and my fears were put to rest:

We’d been talking about Julie & Julia at work last week, and I’d mentioned that I had wanted to see it when it came out, but I never got around to it. I am excited to watch it–Hopefully later today, if we can get the bambino to nap at all!

Jen & her husband Dave also came over, as did Jessica (who’s expecting, so she didn’t partake of any of the wine, but she did offer her thoughts on the various bouquets and the coloring!), and even though I made too much food, it was a good time. I’ll do the wine reviews in a separate post–I still have one bottle I need to crack open sometime today, and I need to email Sacha my notes. Instead, I will present last night’s menu of goodies (which turned out a LOT better than I was expecting):

Smoked turkey breast (Prepared by Jenni-O, sliced by yours truly):

Spicy Plum Sauce:

White Cheddar Pepper Scones:


Almond Cream Cake:

(I forgot the dusting of powdered sugar before I set it  out, but it was still delicious, nonetheless!) And lastly, Chocolate Pecan Bars:

I had to promise Diana some of these tomorrow. She had a particularly irritating morning on Friday thanks to me, and I told her I would set aside a couple of these to make amends (never fear, it wasn’t anything bad). I was especially thrilled by the White Cheddar Pepper Scones, as they turned out more like the famed Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuits. Yum! I am glad we have leftovers, as well as enough ingredients still to make a second batch! And with that, I am going to grab a shower, and start sorting laundry. Maybe I’ll even pop in Julie & Julia!

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8 Replies to “The Aftermath…”

  1. Thank you have inviting me! The pictures are great but it all tasted even better. You are a fantasic chef and hostess.

    • @Melissa–Thanks for coming! I do believe the leftover bars are just as tasty a couple days after the fact, so you can enjoy them again at work today! :)

      @dmcgirl–The chocolate pecan bars were my favorite (although since they contain chocolate, that’s a given!). They’re almost like a chocolate pecan pie, but in portable bar form!

  2. OMword! This looks like an awesome spread! Wonderful! The chocolate pecan bars are making my mouth water!!!!

  3. I’m so bummed we were out of town and had to miss this – the food sounds mighty tasty! Good news tho – our meeting wasn’t nearly as scary as I thought it would be!

  4. Hey Rachel! thank you so much for your sweet comment! so glad to find your website. I love, love, love Julie and Julia too! great spread you got there, especially those Pecan Bars. YUM!

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