“Be running up that hill…”

I attempted to do Day 2 of my 5K training program but Mother Nature gave me a message loud & clear to stay home. I got as far as the end of my block when I saw a big flash of lightning and heard a big clap of thunder. So I turned around and ran the block back home, and about 5 minutes later, the heavens opened. So I’ll give it a go tomorrow morning.

With our first official harvest Sunday evening, I opted to make a pizza Margherita, although it was more like a Caprese salad but on a pizza crust. I just used sliced tomatoes instead of making a sauce. And I didn’t have fresh basil, so I just used dried. It was still decent.

I did kind of wish that I’d made it larger or made a 2nd one, but it was enough, given that it was a bajillion degrees outside.

The bank got its first delivery of sweet corn Monday afternoon, and I had every intention of grilling last night. However, a lot of things conspired against me. Like the charcoal. I even broke down and used lighter fluid, and I still couldn’t get the briquettes lit. And as I was trying to wash up some dishes, the sink clogged. Thanks to the heat, I got fed up and ended up going for a drive to cool off, both figuratively and literally. I came home and fixed up some hash browns, scrambled eggs with chopped up ham and a ton of hot sauce slathered on top. And then I popped back out for some ice cream.

Today, I gave the grill another chance. This time, it cooperated:


And the obligatory fries (I love my starchy taters):

Believe it or not, I tried the pepper and I did not hate it. I actually ate the piece of it Jay cut off for me, even though it was a lot larger than I would’ve cut for myself. This was also the first time the bambino had corn on the cob:

It was also the first time I got to use my Pampered Chef Corn Butterer:

Now, if I just had some Corn Cob Nobs! Mom, if you’re reading this, add ’em to my Christmas Wish List!

After dinner, I opted to work on the floor puzzle my mom got the bambino a year or two ago:

I was thinking that the bambino could help out, but I think it was still a little advanced for him. Still, he was shocked & pleasantly surprised when it was completed. But maybe a couple more attempts at it, and he’ll be able to do more than just push the pieces into place after I line them up.

And with that, I think I need to get ready for bed, so I can go for my run tomorrow morning…Weather permitting, of course!

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4 Replies to ““Be running up that hill…””

  1. Hi, Rachel. I was intrigued by your bank which has corn – now that is a new one for me! Doesn’t it just deal in specie, cheques, cash, electronic transfers, credit cards, and the like? Though I do recall something about a Corn Palace in SoDak or NoDak so maybe it is currency?!?

    I enjoyed having Chiliwack corn this month – that’s where the band of the same name comes from, of course!



    • Hi Dan! The sweet corn is sort of a perk for us employees. The family that owns/runs the bank contracts with one of the local produce farmers to deliver corn a couple times a week, and those of us who work there can enjoy all the sweet corn our hearts desire! I have to admit, it’s made me avoid buying it in the stores (even though the same farm also sells to our grocery store), just because I know I can get it free elsewhere!

      And yes, there is a Corn Palace, and it’s here in SoDak…And although I’ve been to it and I offer it as a daytrip to my family whenever they come out here, I don’t recommend it. The outside is impressive to look at, but it’s just a gym inside. The gift shop is a LOT more interesting! :)