“I had a dream, it was about nothing…”

I don’t know what my problem is, but I am cranky this evening. I suspect it’s probably hormones. What can you do? I shouldn’t be cranky, as I got  a package in the mail, courtesy of my cousin Julie:

Corn cob nobs!

She said she didn’t care for them, and was happy to rid her kitchen of them–And I am happy to take them! Thank you Julie!!! And because I’m not in the mood to write much more, and I want to go to bed, I will just leave it at that!

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6 Replies to ““I had a dream, it was about nothing…””

  1. Not to add to your mood but I had those corn cob knobs and it was like rocket science trying to figure out how to screw them into the corn. I ended up buying those ones that look like fake corn that you just stab into the ends of corn – much easier, for me at least. I’m corn deficient.

    • Erin–Maybe that’s why my cousin got rid of ’em! If all else fails, we’ll just do like we’ve been doing, and use our fingers!

  2. Hi there, I wanted to stop by and say hello and you are not the only one that gets hormonal!!!
    I love all your pictures. Oh.. and I am so jealous of your corn cob holders. We have th cheesy yellow ones that look like corn! Yikes.
    I don’t know why but I have to comment on your page last cause I have to wait for it to load and I get impatient! ;-( I am going to try from another pc tomorrow to see if it is better. Hope you feel better very soon! Have a drinky poo! ;-)

    • Dawn–I figured that’s what it was when my husband ate the last ice cream bar, and I seriously got teary-eyed and almost started crying! How ridiculous is that?! And speaking of him, he wanted me to get those yellow corn cob holders–That’s what we both grew up using, but I’m keeping an open mind about the corn cob knobs! :) I’m sorry my blog takes so long to load for you! It used to take forever on mine as well, but I got a memory upgrade, and that helped a lot.

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