It’s a date!

Because my husband does awesome radio programming (he works for the local radio station, for those who don’t know), his boss rewarded him:

Cubby’s is a sports bar here in town, and I daresay one of, if not the most popular restaurant in Brookings, maybe aside from Nick’s Hamburgers. It’s been awhile since Jay & I have gone there together (I do believe the last time we were there, Jay’s best friend Lowell & his wife Kelly were in town), and I haven’t been there in probably 6 or even 9 months. So we arranged for the bambino to have some dinner with his grandparents and we went out.

We got there early, as Cubby’s tends to fill up fast, especially on weekend nights, and especially now that SDSU is back in session. It was a little busy when we first got there, although I think most of it was families with the same idea as us (eating early).

I started off with my favorite adult beverage, the White Russian:

It’s been a really long week, and my last 3 hours at work got a little nuts. I was VERY happy when 5 o’clock rolled around, and I could put it behind me for 48 hours. Jay & I split an appetizer:

Right after the apps showed up, my boss & his wife walked in…I didn’t know until we were about ready to leave that they were sitting basically right behind us…So I’m glad I wasn’t talking smack about him (not that I would…I’m really not being a suck-up when I say that I have a pretty decent supervisor, and I really like where I work)!! I tend to prefer things like potato skins or mozzarella sticks, whereas Jay likes wings of all sorts. Boneless buffalo wings are our compromise. They were okay, nothing great, but decent-enough chicken strips in buffalo sauce. For dinner, Jay got some ribs:

His treat for the week, instead of an adult beverage. I had to decide rather quickly on my entrĂ©e, so I chose the French dip sandwich (I usually get the buffalo chicken sandwich, but I didn’t really want to double-up on buffalo sauced items…I don’t know that my gut could handle it!):

I ate about 3/4 of the sandwich, and 3/4 of the waffle fries. I wanted to save room for dessert:

The Wrigley.” I seem to recall it being a lot better the last time I had it, as the brownie seemed a little Little Debbie-like. I ate most of it, but I didn’t eat all of it, because I was already on the verge of needing elastic-waist pants, we needed to go run the romantic errands of buying milk and diapers, and I didn’t want to come home and be a useless pile for the rest of the night (even though I’ve been a useless pile for most of the night, especially once I put on my elastic-waist pants). I did have to chuckle at this:

Everyone’s on Facebook these days. And with that, I think I’ll head off to bed. I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night, and since I don’t have to go anywhere or do anything tomorrow, I will enjoy sleeping in for as long as the bambino will let me!

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