Pickling a peck of picked peppers…

Egads…There are reasons I do not work in computer programming and write code. I know just enough to be a little dangerous, which reminds me of one of the things my boss said to me in my first review with him–He told me he got himself in minor trouble talking about something he knew a little about, but not really enough to fully know what he was talking about. Make sense? Good. Thank gods for my semi-geeky husband who taught himself enough SQL & .php stuff to be able to fix my screw-up earlier…I decided to monkey around a bit with my header, and got things all jacked up. One of these days, I should just hire someone to do this for me. Coding makes my head hurt.

Anyway…I am excited that this will be a mostly slack day. We’ll have Sunday dinner with my in-laws, as Greg, my brother-in-law is in town, and I don’t think we’ve done Sunday dinner since sometime in July, possibly even June. No matter. I felt lazy yesterday, but I actually got a fair amount of stuff done. The laundry was finished up while I watched “Meet the Press,” this morning, because I did the majority of it yesterday. I also found the time to (finally) watch “Julie & Julia,” (which I enjoyed), as well as pickle some peppers that Jay picked.

Jay had looked up online for recipes to pickle peppers without actually canning them–Since I don’t have the necessary canning equipment at the moment (that may change around my birthday or Christmas time, though). So last weekend he picked up a bunch of jars:

And a large jug of vinegar:

And then I storted the bajillion peppers he’d picked yesterday morning:

There were a few (more) tomatoes in there as well, but I’ll worry about them later. I used a recipe that Jay had found online, since I donn’t know the first thing about canning, let alone pickling. The prep work took longer than anything else. I had to wash the jars, seals, and bands:

Then I needed to was the peppers:

Because I wasn’t slicing them or anything, I pierced each and every single pepper–I was paranoid that they might explode or something once I put the lids on. After washing everything, I started boiling the vinegar, with some sugar & salt. I’d had hot water in the jars while I was dealing with the peppers:

While the vinegar was boiling, I emptied them, then started packing peppers into them, along with the cayenne and garlic powder as called for in the recipe:

Then I poured the vinegar mixture over them, put the seals & bands on, and let them cool. I had enough to do 5 jars (only 4 are in the picture, as I didn’t do the 5th until later), and I hope they turn out decently:

I am thinking on investing in some canning equipment sometime soon, so as to deal with all the tomatoes we have:

I set aside about half of them to give to Jay’s sister. I just need to figure out what to do with the rest! I’m off to relax until Jay fires up the grill for me later this evening, so we don’t have to heat up the house at all.

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