Budget bust

The bambino & I went grocery shopping this morning…I am sorry to say that my plans for a $40 grocery trip were not realized. I went over a bit:

I did manage to get everything on my list, although I would’ve been okay had I not gone ahead and bought puff pastry. I’ve got a couple ideas for it, and I figured I’d go ahead and buy it this time, since I had the money and all. Next week, I might need to buy diapers (which, of course, are on sale this week, when we don’t need them), which will mean only the absolute necessities will be bought. I told Jay that September would be the experimental month, just to get used to the budgetary restraints and all. I also got more fresh mozzarella, as it’s on sale all this month.

I picked up some pears as well…Jay really likes them, and I don’t mind them. Plus, at 99¢/lb., it was hard to pass up. After I got all the groceries put away, we walked up to the farmers market. We got there a little later than normal, and as such, I didn’t get the eggs I wanted. However, I did talk to (I assume) Julie Sperlich a bit, doing a bit of networking. And (Lauren would be proud) I even gave her one of my blogging business cards! That was primarily because I also asked her if I could photograph her stand at the market, and I wanted her to be able to see how I’d incorporate it into my post:

I personally thought everything looked fine, but she suggested I come earlier next week, as she had more stuff when the market first opened–Including eggs.

And I knew I should’ve gone to the market first, then gone to the grocery store…No matter. I’ll do it in that order next weekend!I might also get around to checking out the new store that opened in the same plaza as the market:

From what I’ve heard, it’s more an ethnic grocery store–I believe the woman who runs it is Indian, but I could be wrong. Either way, I don’t care. I love grocery stores, and one of these days I’ll get around to visiting it. I do think it’s kind of neat if it does focus on Eastern foods and cuisine…The owners of Guadalajara’s are also opening a grocery store next to the restaurant (not that I think they do, but if anyone connected with Guadalajara reads this, I’m not the only person in town who’s hoping you’re going to be selling your salsa whenever El Tapatio opens!!!), which will make 2 specialty grocery stores in Brookings.

I did get the onion I needed for the tomato soup I’ll be making tomorrow, and Jay pulled up a few carrots from the garden in the back. I have my aromatics, and I have PLENTY of tomatoes, so I’m good to go! I’m also in the process of baking bread, so we can have some grilled cheese to go with the tomato soup:

I’ve also got a pumpkin to hack up at some point and roast, in the hopes of getting enough pumpkin purée. I’m planning on making pumpkin bread probably this afternoon/evening, as well as roasting the pumpkin seeds. For whatever reason, I cannot find unshelled pumpkin seeds at Hy-Vee–All the ones I’ve come across are already shelled. I like the shells, so I’ll go to the trouble of harvesting the seeds from the lone pumpkin our garden produced that didn’t get attacked or turn moldy.

I hear my bread beeping, so I better go get it. I’ll be back later (maybe)…I think we might take the non-napping bambino to the park this afternoon for a bit.

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2 Replies to “Budget bust”

  1. I love homemade bread – just wish it wasn’t going to be 90 degrees today! Come on fall weather!

    Even though you went over your $40 budget, $46 still is great!

    • Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) I usually bake my own bread for about 9 months out of the year, but June, July & August are just unbearable, and if I don’t have to turn on the stove or the oven, I don’t!

      I didn’t beat myself up too much about going over budget–If I were giving myself $50/week, I’d’ve been right on target!