Monday musings….

I don’t have much for this evening’s entry. The bambino’s watching “The Wizard of Oz” and I know I’ll catch hell for this, but I loathe this movie. The bambino is enjoying himself, and apparently one of my nephews is really into it right now.

I went running yesterday morning, and once I got home, I used my pumpkin purée, and made some pumpkin bread:

The recipe I used made 3 loaves, but I don’t have 3 full-sized loaf pans…I have 2 regular pans and 2 mini-loaf pans, so it worked out fine. Well, all was fine until I was trying to get one of the loaves out of its pan to finish cooling on one of my racks…I ended up dropping it on the floor. I was not happy about that. It could’ve been worse, I suppose. We have half a large loaf left, and the 2 smaller ones, although I’ll probably give one of them to Abby if I get a chance to go and see her this week.

The pumpkin bread went nicely with the sage sausage that Jay got from a guy he works with:

I liked it, although I would’ve liked it to be just a little spicier. Still, it made for a nice breakfast. I made some brownies in between loads of laundry:

The brownies weren’t for us–I volunteered at the Harvest Table this evening, and the brownies were for the dessert table. It’s such an eye-opener doing things like that. It gives me that kick in the butt I need to remember that while I might not have a whole lot of my wants, I have what I need. There are people out there who don’t.

After I made the brownies, and got all my laundry done, I was so exhausted, I did something I almost never do…I took a nap:

And Jay thought that bambino & I looked cute enough that it warranted pictures. It’s rare that we can even get the bambino to nap on the weekends, so I’m glad he got some sleep. Hopefully the rain is finished by tomorrow morning, as I’m supposed to go running! Which also means, I should probably get to bed soon.

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4 Replies to “Monday musings….”

  1. Rachel – how can you loathe the Wizard of Oz? Well, come to think of it, I’m not sure why I like it. The Wicked Witch of the West terrified me as a child….I had nightmares about her and used to hide behind the couch whenever she’d come on screen. Of course now I empathize with her, I mean, come on – Dorothy killed her sister with her stupid house and then stole her shoes. Who does that? Honestly….

    • Ha! I made fun of it the whole time Lex was watching it. I don’t even know why I hate the movie so much. It’s just cheesy!

    • Thank you Jenny! :) I know I’m completely biased, but I really do think my little boy is just the sweetest most adorable kid out there! And thanks for visiting my blog!