Earth vs. Soup!

So, you’ll notice a new widget off on the sidebar there…Yep, I’m taking part in Project Food Blog (although I am fully anticipating and preparing myself for 1st-round elimination). More to come on that in the next few weeks.

Finally, with the glut of tomatoes, I decided to make more soup. I’d made some awhile ago that was a little lackluster, so I went back to the tried & true recipe I’ve been using for about a year or so. I’ve tweaked the recipe a bit, as I don’t use tomato purée (mainly because I almost never have it on-hand), and I don’t do the garnish. Occasionally I’ll toss some croutons on top, but I do like my crackers:

And really, I like a lot more than that. I should’ve doubled the batch, since I had only enough for one bowl to pack in my lunch. No matter. We have a TON of tomatoes that need to be used up (I’m at the point where I have to check them every day, and start tossing out ones that are bad), so I think over the holiday weekend, I’ll just have to make another batch. Or two.

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately. Last night I decided Blizzards were necessary.

As I waited my turn in the drive-thru, I noticed a particularly pretty sunset:

It looked better in real-life, but I do like the sunsets here in SoDak. Sunrise is beautiful as well, but lately, I haven’t taken my camera with me on my runs. My funk continued through today, so after popping through the grocery store, and after cooking a pizza, I decided I needed to bake some brownies. My go-to recipe is one from an Everyday Food issue from sometime in 2008. This evening, though, I wanted a bigger batch, so I went to my 2nd go-to recipe, courtesy of the King Arthur Flour kitchen. The recipe calls for white-whole-wheat flour, but I’ve used A-P if I don’t have whole-wheat (which, actually, I do, I just didn’t take it out of the freezer this evening). I like the process of baking. I’ve heard when cooking, feel free to ad-lib, but always follow directions when baking. I like consistency, I like routine. I get that from baking.

And with something like brownies, each step brings one closer to dessert heaven.

And the best part:

Chocolate chips make everything better. So does the espresso powder that also went into the batter.

Because I am such a nice person (and because I’ve been talking about it for a couple days), I will be taking the pan into work tomorrow.

It’ll be a nice way to begin the holiday weekend.

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