“It’s just another Manic Monday…”

I’ve been busy today. After I got done with my little rant from this morning, I got dough going in my bread machine for some French bread. It turned out okay…I used mostly whole wheat flour, as I wanted something a little denser. I don’t know if it was due to the wheat flour, or my kitchen being too cold, but my loaves didn’t rise as much as I wanted. Still, the bread was good:

Once that was done, and in between loads of laundry, I made more tomato soup:

I made enough this time that Jay & I both have lunch all this week.

And sadly, I still barely made a dent in the tomatoes we have! I did make my baked eggs in tomato cups (which meant using some beefsteaks):

I was a little irked that the potatoes didn’t cook, but that’s okay. If I reheat them, they’ll be fine.

For “vegetarian night” this was a pretty decent meal. Tomorrow night will be a tomato & ricotta tart…Unless I deem it left over night! We’ll wait and see.

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4 Replies to ““It’s just another Manic Monday…””

  1. hahaha, I had left-over night last night. Why is it always such a disappointment to my husband? LOL

    • If he’s anything like mine, he likes something different (aka a different form of meat) each night. Jay’s getting better about it though!

  2. I think your bread looks pretty good – much better than my attempts. Soup looks great! I don’t believe I’ve ever had homemade tomato soup.

    • Brandie–Thanks! That’s only the 2nd time I’ve ever made French bread, so I just consider it a work in progress! If you have the time, try making tomato soup from scratch. Until I started making my own, my only experience with it was Campbell’s Tomato Soup, and honestly, that stuff makes me gag if I have to eat it. In fact, there’s only one canned tomato soup I’ll eat & it’s one by Muir Glen. Homemade is definitely the way to go!