“Never say goodbye…”

I was so excited the other evening to make a recipe from one of the cookbooks I ordered awhile back. A Summer Vegetable Tart. Basically, tomatoes, roasted red peppers (which I left out, and maybe I shouldn’t have–It might’ve made all the difference) and ricotta. Even without the peppers, I figured that tomatoes & ricotta would do well in a tart. Boy was I wrong.

It looks good enough, but it tasted like crap. The only good thing about it was the puff pasty (I had to put it in a pie plate, since I don’t have a tart pan…Yet.), and even that tasted bland. Jay ate about half of it, but the bambino & I didn’t eat any more than I couple bites. Jay said it wasn’t bad enough that he wouldn’t suggest my never making it again, but I thought it was that bad. Oh well. Live & learn, eh?

Jessica’s last day is today–She’s decided to stay home with her daughter (who’s a good friend of the bambino’s) and with her 2nd child once s/he is born. I am a little jealous in more ways than one, but as a farewell gift (and an excuse to bake), I decided that Nutella Sandwich Cookies were necessary for today.

I’ve been wanting to make them ever since I saw Esi’s post. And Melissa, if you read this before you come back to work Monday, I do have a couple set aside for you–I have a feeling you’ll need them upon your return.

So I got most of my ingredients laid out:

When I started gathering my items, I was also in the process of finishing up some dishes…I’ve been a lazy slacker and had to unload the dishwasher as well as clean up the tart mess from the night before, so I had work space.

There are a couple people I work with who’ve either never heard of or tried Nutella. The cookies will convince them of its deliciousness. I was excited to have an excuse to use my cookie scoop again:

I skipped the step calling for rolling the dough in sugar–I was in a bit of a time crunch (in that I wanted to be done baking/assembling and in bed before 10:30) and I was feeling lazy. Dork that I am, I was pleased at how uniform my cookies turned out:

And how mouth-wateringly yummy they looked once I added the Nutella:

Luckily I was stuffed as I’d ordered us some pizza, so I didn’t inhale half the batch. I had one, for quality control purposes, and boxed up the rest. I also have to separate out a bunch of our tomatoes, as I asked a few people if they wanted some, and almost everyone said they’d love some ‘maters. I’d rather give them away than throw them away, and I’m at the point where I have to go through and check them everyday & toss out any bad ones.

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