Cookbook failure

I didn’t get around to posting yesterday, in between working, my haircut, and spending time with the bambino, but I did go grocery shopping before I went to work.

While I neglected to take a picture of my receipt, I am happy to report that I came in at $41 & some change…I blame the food tax again. That, and the stupid Popchips–I fully admit that they were an impulse purchase.

I was just so happy to finally see them in Brookings! Of course, chips of almost any sort are a dangerous thing for me to have in my house, so they are now completely gone.

I was also happy to finally have a chance to make the Potato, Cheese & Bacon gratin from my Organic Seasonal Cookbook:

This is the second recipe I’ve tried from this cookbook (the first being that tomato/ricotta tart from last week), and I have to say, it’s the second recipe I’ve been disappointed in. For one, I was expecting it to turn out more like scalloped potatoes. The only changes I made were the cheese and using dried thyme instead of fresh…I used cheddar, which isn’t exactly a melting cheese, but it had potatoes & bacon in it. Cheddar was a natural fit in my head. It went into the oven looking like this:

And it came out of the oven looking basically the same. I was expecting that it would thicken up a lot more than it did, but it didn’t:

I couldn’t even use bread to sop up the cream, since my bread went moldy. Bah! I’m half-tempted to take that cookbook into work and toss it in the breakroom for someone else to take. Nothing else really looks all that appealing out of it, and if the two recipes I’ve made from it are any indication, I’m not going to be happy with anything else I attempt.

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