“Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies…”

I went running yesterday morning, and for once in about a week, I actually felt the oppressive black cloud that’s been hovering over me lift. I knew that would happen, too. Katie & I have discussed how when we don’t exercise, we’re both cranky-pantses, and when we do, we feel better. Yesterday, I felt good.

And as I am wont to do, I decided to kill that good mood by going to McDonald’s for lunch. I’d swung through there after dropping off the bambino to get some java, and I noticed they were still advertising Batman toys in their Happy Meals. The bambino LOVES Batman, and I thought I’d surprise him with a little treat. Any more, I can’t eat anything larger than a Happy Meal, otherwise I slip into a food coma & I’m absolutely useless. Sadly, I got some scrap Lego car, which irked me. I didn’t notice it till I got to the breakroom, and one of the loan officers made some comment about how now I was stuck having to eat McDonald’s. Bah! Luckily the bambino likes cars almost as much as superheros, so once I put all the stickers on it, he’ll be fine with the new car.

I’ve been avoiding fast food for the most part…I did get another Happy Meal a couple weeks ago, the night I volunteered at the Harvest Table. I kept busy enough that night that I think I burned off what I wolfed down. This afternoon, I spent a lot of time at my desk uploading IRAs and as such, didn’t do a whole lot of moving around. I felt sick after about an hour being back at work. Sluggish. Like I wanted to slip under my desk and take a nap. And my stomach was briefly churning. I have a weird love-hate relationship with McDonald’s. I worked there in college, and as much as I ate there, I didn’t really start getting sick of it until I stopped working there. I saw plenty of people over the years that I was there, come through every single day (sometimes 2 or 3 times), get the same meal, and grow larger and more bloated. It was really pretty sad. It also made me think about what the bambino feels like whenever he eats something like that (I guess I should be thankful that he eats like a bird most of the time, and after a couple bites of his food, he’s off with Green Lantern & Human Torch fighting bad guys). When I was a kid, fast food was a treat (we was po’), and I still occasionally look at it that way with the bambino. I think after yesterday’s tummy tumbles, I’ll stick to his treats being the occasional new Hot Wheels.

Along with other things that are bad for you, Jay asked if I’d heard about the petition to change the name of HFCS to “corn sugar.” Talk about misleading. Sadly, there are more people who don’t read labels on food than who do, and are probably going to see “corn sugar” and think “Oh, that sounds natural, so it must be good for you.” I still have yet to figure out why it’s necessary to add HFCS to everything under the sun. Conspiracy theorists might suggest that the FDA, companies like Monsanto, and even the health care industries are all in cahoots together, to keep obesity & diabetic levels rising, to pump as much money out of the American population as possible. Wow…For a “conspiracy theory” that I just pulled out of my ass, I have to admit that’s pretty good, and is semi-plausible!

Regardless…I’m sorry that the makers of HFCS feel their product is getting a bad rap, and even though sugar is sugar, it’s difficult to avoid these days, and maybe it’s time to find out why.

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4 Replies to ““Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies…””

  1. Ok so I have to ask – where did you get the Green Lantern and Human Torch toys? Are they part of the Imaginext series? We have a Green Lantern & his jet, but I’ve never seen Human Torch and the kids would love it.

    • Ha! We have Green Lantern & his jet too (Jay says that’s the only way to get the Imaginext Green Lantern right now)! Human Torch is a Marvel guy, and he’s made by Hasbro…If you’ve ever seen the Star Wars Galactic buddies series (the little action figures for infant Star Wars fans), they make superheros in the same style & that’s where we got the Human Torch. In case you care, there’s a Green Lantern movie coming out next summer at some point…Jay & Lex are already foaming at the mouth to go and see it!

  2. Oh hell yes I know about the Green Lantern movie! It has Ryan Reynolds in it – drool!!! Only superhero movie I’ve ever been excited about.

  3. Too funny…But I felt that way when I heard Christian Bale was going to be Batman….*slobbers* Oh my. He can come and rescue me anytime! :)