Fabulous Finds at the Grocery Store

I think Jay’s long hours at work have melted his brain…He actually volunteered to go grocery shopping with the bambino & I this morning…And he came along without any complaint!

And I am happy to say that I came in well under budget:

$10 under budget no less!

However, I cannot take full credit for the food this week. Jay wanted some snacks and offered to pay for some stuff for me:

New Chobani!!! I’d put in a request a few weeks ago for a couple of new flavors of Chobani, after Katie’d mentioned getting some down in Sioux Falls. She’d also gotten some Fage and said it was awesome. That is why I bought some as soon as I noticed they had it a couple weeks ago. I got a phone call yesterday from the manager of the Health Market section at Hy-Vee, telling me that they’d got in the yogurts I requested. I was tempted to run out to the store on my lunchbreak & check it out, but luckily they were still well-stocked this morning. I got a couple of my old stand-bys as well:

I also got a couple of these:

Well, one of those, and one of these:

I’ve already eaten the full-fat Fage sans fruit, and I am in heaven.

Yeah, I couldn’t really hold off on taking a picture until I got about halfway through it.

I told Jay that if it was just slightly sweetened, it would be dessert. I am tempted to run back to the store and get a couple more, but I will hold off until next Saturday. I am excited to try the new Chobani flavors.

I’m also excited to do some cooking this weekend. I took out a roast and Jay dug up some carrots from the garden for me to use. After I get some lunch, I’m going to make some soda bread–Something I haven’t done in a long time. I’ve converted the measurements from Hester’s recipe, which I got from a conversion website she was kind enough to provide. I’m also thinking that tomorrow, I might make some soup–Especially since I bought a bag of onions. Yes, onions:

It was kind of hard to pass up–They were $1.58 for that bag, and I have 2 different soup recipes I might attempt , and both call for onions & celery. For one soup, the onions get filtered out, and for the other, they’re puréed. I don’t have to worry about tasting them! Now, to get cracking on that soda bread!

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4 Replies to “Fabulous Finds at the Grocery Store”

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  2. FAGE – YUMMY! I ate the container I bought this weekend already too. I had raspberries with mine to make myself feel better about the full fat thing. :-) I’m so pumped about HyVee getting in a better selection though…makes me so happy, good work Rachel!

    • I have been resisting the urge to go back to Hy-Vee & buy up all the rest of the Fage…I figure I can justify eating the full-fat stuff after I go running. :) Melissa told me she was excited to see the results of my being a pain in the butt of the Health Market manager too–She was even willing to bring me back Fage when she was in the Cities!

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