“If it’s Sunday…”

I was busy yesterday…After the grocery store and the bliss that was Fage Total, I spent almost the rest of the afternoon in the kitchen. I started by making some soda bread:

I had to tweak my measurements from the conversion website, but the final result was perfectly delicious.

Unfortunately, I was injured when I was checking the loaf for doneness:

It’s a little difficult to see, but I burned myself on the baking sheet as I was putting the loaf back down to pop back in the oven for a few minutes. No matter. It’s already starting to scab over a bit.

Because it was chilly enough out (I actually shut all the windows in the house), I thought pot roast sounded really good for dinner. My original intention was to toss it in the crock pot, but we got to the store later than I wanted, and I forgot to tell Jay to go grab some carrots from the garden. I opted to use my roaster instead:

And all in all, dinner was delicious:

I’ll be just as busy today, I think. I’m going to get laundry started here in a few–After I take a shower. I went running this morning, and while I didn’t do the full 20 minutes I was supposed to, I did 2 10-minute intervals, which is huge for me, so I was/still am really proud of myself. After I get the laundry going, I’m going to try out another Jessie recipe–Brown sugar cookies. I had such good luck with the Mandelbrot, and it’s been a long time since I’ve had sugar cookies. Since I don’t have a cookie press (hint hint, Mom–You got Kendra one…Maybe you could get me one this year!), I’ll have to do the same as Dan, and cut them out–I have my great-aunt’s biscuit cutter that I’ll use since the only cookie cutters I have are Christmas-themed. I suppose I should get crackin’ on all I need to do!

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3 Replies to ““If it’s Sunday…””

  1. OW! You look like you took quite a burn! But I have to tell you I am drooling over the cookies AND your balance at the grocery store! YOu are doing so well….. I love it.
    I am glad to see I am not the only fan of FAGE. OMG.. but too bad this week I didn’t by any. No. one, not in budget and no. two, too much sugar for what I am trying to do. I LOVe it!
    Send cookies! ;-)

  2. DMCGirl–The burn actually looks a lot worse than it really is. It just looks like I have a weird red mark on my arm! I was happy that even without Jay’s offering, I would’ve been able to fit both the Fage and the new flavors of Chobani into this week’s shopping trip. Much as I love Chobani, I think I might have to switch to Fage…It’s that good!

    Hester–Thank you for stopping by my blog. And thanks again for sharing your recipe. It’s been a few years since I’ve made soda bread, but it’s so worth it! Your recipe is just delicious! And just to pat myself on the back a bit, the pot roast WAS really good…We hardly had many leftovers after my husband & little boy were finished!