Baby Batman & The Biggest Loser

I’ve been really lax in cooking since the weekend. Sunday afternoon, we took the bambino down to the park for a little while. It’s one we’ve never taken him to, and I was shocked to see there’s a creek cutting through it:

There’s also a bridge that goes over the creek, and we walked across it:

I want to come back and take a few more picture in a couple weeks, once more of the leaves change colors. After we came back from the park I got to work making more tomato soup (I didn’t take pictures this time). After dinner, I decided I needed cookies of some sort that involved oats. It’ll take me forever to go through the big canister I bought last week. For whatever reason I decided to try oatmeal cream pies…And while the cookies were thicker than I wanted, they turned out decent enough:

They’re good enough that I can’t just eat one at a time. If I’d had chocolate chips, I was going to make peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, but these will do.

Last night, instead of doing leftovers, I opted to order pizza. Tonight, Jay bought Quizno’s:

I almost always get the Torpedos just because anytime there’s ciabatta involved, I can’t resist. I also couldn’t resist getting Cheetos to go along with it:

Once he noticed what I had, the bambino started munching on my Cheetos too. But in return, he shared the cookie from his kid’s meal with me. Tomorrow night, I’ll actually cook something…I have some chicken I should use up or I could do up an egg & tortilla scramble…I’ve been thinking about doing that for awhile. We’ll see though. Now that the Biggest Loser is over and the Baby Batman is in bed, I should get to bed too. I need to go running in the morning!

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2 Replies to “Baby Batman & The Biggest Loser”

  1. So I think those whoopie pies look DELICIOUS. I adore all things oatmeal…and anything with a creamy substance in the middle has to be great! Thanks for sharing with me!