Collection of randomness

I’ve been to Sioux Falls 3 days in a row now…And it hasn’t all exactly been pleasant. Tuesday, I got the car worked on. The check-engine light was on (and had been for awhile) so I figured I’d find out what was wrong. I wasn’t expecting it to take all that long to fix…But I was wrong. $600 and about 4 1/2 hours later, Junior was mostly fixed. They did have to order a $200 part that will come in probably next week or so, which means I’ll have to go back…Again.

I went back down Wednesday to get some shopping done…I’m WAY behind on sending out b-day presents to my nieces and nephews, so I needed to get that taken care of. I stopped at Choco Latte before I got on the highway:

I like having coffee whenever I’m on a drive longer than 30 minutes. The woman who owns Choco Latte is so nice and they carry a variety of homemade candies, and I decided I needed this when I saw it:

It was homemade nougat, caramel & pecans, covered in chocolate. I have to stay away from all the fudge they carry…I could easily eat a pound or two of it on my own!

I also took care of some Christmas shopping for the bambino, since he’s observant enough that we can’t sneak stuff into the cart anymore without him realizing it. When I got home, I finally got around to making some bacon mac & cheese:

For being a recipe of Emeril’s (from my latest Every Day Food), it was a little on the bland side. Good, but I was expecting a little more. I’ll doctor it up the next time I decide to make it!

Today, I had my IRA seminar. Which was helpful–And it made me realize I know more than I realized when it comes to IRA stuff. It was held at the Holiday Inn in downtown Sioux Falls, and the company hosting the seminar provided lunch at the hotel buffet. It was okay…About the only thing that looked good was the scalloped potatoes with ham:

It wasn’t as good as it looked unfortunately. The rolls were okay:

and the desserts:

I suspect that item behind the brownie was some version of red velvet cake, but it was kind of hard to tell, as the cold from earlier this week has turned into a sinus infection that is preventing me from tasting a lot of stuff these days. I did get out of the seminar early enough that I was able to pick Jay up from work and get the bambino at his usual time. And then we promptly had more leftovers for dinner.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to have lunch with Abby & her bambino. I’m thinking I might need to make my pumpkin chocolate chip muffins before I go over there. I’m sure she would appreciate it.  And over the weekend, I could finally make that apple sour cream coffee cake too.

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