“Vacation’s meant to be spent alone…”

I am trying not to be too sad about the fact that my vacation’s coming to a close…Between being sick and all the running back & forth between here & Sioux Falls, I feel like it’s been a bit of a bust. Still, not being at work has been nice, and at least my kitchen and bathroom were clean as of a couple days ago!

I decided to go ahead and get the grocery shopping out of the way…There wasn’t a whole lot that we needed:

but I did need a few expensive items:

My cold/sinus infection has settled in my upper jaw, and if I walk with too heavy a step, I can feel it in my teeth. It’s most unpleasant. The bambino’s still a little clogged too, so I thought I’d try the saline spray for him…I’m hoping it’ll be something he can do himself, which will make him more likely to use it.

When I was shopping on Wednesday, I came across a couple books for myself (that, and there was a buy 4 get 1 free sale going on):

I’ll give it a go this weekend, since I’m mostly caught up on the laundry, and other than cooking/baking, we don’t have any real plans. I also bought this:

Which, after scanning, led me to buy this:

Over the weekend I’m going to attempt some Baked Cod in Cheese Sauce. The recipe is actually Baked Haddock in Cheese Sauce, but said that any white fish would work. And I like cod quite a bit. I also got another bag of potatoes:

Which I was thrilled about. Any time there are organic potatoes available, they always seem to be out by the time I go grocery shopping. I suppose I could’ve asked someone if there were more in the back, but I lucked out this time. I figured a couple baked potatoes would go well with a couple of these:

Any time we ask the bambino what he wants for dinner, his first answer is almost always “Steak.” This time, I thought I’d oblige him! That, and it’s been a little while since we’ve had some steaks.

I picked up more yogurt…I swear, I really think I’m addicted to Fage. I bought 2 more containers and I still had 4 in the fridge! I also got some Greek Gods yogurt for Jay:

I’ve said before he likes it mainly because each cup of yogurt features a different Greek god, and sometimes, he’s just as corny as me with stuff. Plus, it happens to be on sale at the moment, and they had a few different flavors in stock. He appreciated it.

I spent the afternoon over at Abby’s hanging out with her & her bambino. He’s so cute! He’s starting to smile and babble. It’s enough to make me want to have another one of my own (no, I’m not pregnant)! I took her over a few of these:

I also picked up some coffee for the two of us to enjoy till the munchkin woke up from his nap. And now that I’m back home, I’m happy to settle in for the rest of the weekend, and try and enjoy the last few days before I have to go back to the grind!

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2 Replies to ““Vacation’s meant to be spent alone…””

  1. Hi Rachel,
    Your blog is really looking great and loading so much faster for me for some reason.
    Is that Greek God yogurt good and is is less expensive than our BELOVED FAGE?
    I am really going to the “jars” for my budget now as I really need to get a grip.
    Anyway, come by my blog this evening and check out the art work my daughter did for the jars!
    Love your blog, Keep your chin up and can’t wait to see what you make from the new cookbooks!

    • Thanks–And I’m glad it’s loading faster. Jay seemed to think it had something to do with my logo, and the type of file he saved it as, but I haven’t a clue! I personally don’t care for the Greek Gods yogurt–And at least at my grocery store, Fage is cheaper by about $0.10 or so. Greek Gods was on sale this week ($1.39/ea), which I why I bought Jay some, but normally it’s $1.79. I’ll be testing out the Baked Cod recipe tonight, so I’ll let you know what I think! I’ll pop over & see your jars, too! :) Take care!