“I get knocked down, but I get up again…”

It’s been one hellacious week, and it’s only Wednesday. The good news is, I get paid tomorrow. And I probably will get my mileage check from my IRA jaunt to Sioux Falls by the end of the week, although it’s possible that might not come till next week.

The bad news? One of my parental nightmares has come true, one that I was hoping would never happen, but if was going to, I was hoping it wouldn’t come for a few more years. The bambino’s apparently being picked on by another child at his daycare. We’ve noticed over the past week or so that he’s been a little sensitive and overly-emotional lately, but we kind of chalked it up to him being sick & cranky. Lord knows I haven’t been the most pleasant lately with the never-ending sinus infection. And the bambino’s mentioned a couple scrapes/scratches came from a certain child. Sometimes he blames other children for things that happened–He’s almost 3, and he has a good imagination.

But this afternoon, Jay witnessed the child in question push him down as he was pulling up to daycare. And when I asked the bambino about it, he got rather quiet and said he needed his daddy. So I think it’s more than just rough play or coincidence. I also know that I’m most likely blowing it way out of proportion, as my first inclination was to open some whoop-ass on this little kid for hurting my boy. Instead, tomorrow, I will mention my concerns to the bambino’s teacher, and go from there.

When I asked what he wanted for dinner, the bambino said “Mac & cheese!” I haven’t bought Kraft mac & cheese in ages (yes, I like the orange powder stuff), but I had a whole block of cheddar waiting to be shredded. So I got to work. And it ended up perfect.

Cheesy, cheddary goodness. Comfort in a bowl.

In a way, I’m glad that’s what the bambino wanted. I’ve been stressed the past couple days, so I’ve been craving junk. Earlier in the week, I loaded up on carbs, because that’s what I crave when I’m stressed. I needed to use up pork chops, and since I had potatoes, that meant gravy.

And of course:

Crackers for crackers & gravy. And yes, I ate the entire sleeve. There is still a bit of gravy left, that I might use up tomorrow. It was delicious.

And were it not for the mac & cheese, I probably would’ve had crackers & gravy this evening. I’m sure I was more stressed & upset about the bambino’s daycare stuff than even the bambino was. He seemed perfectly fine when he went to bed. I’m still going to mention it to his teacher tomorrow. I think I need some ice cream now.

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5 Replies to ““I get knocked down, but I get up again…””

  1. The teacher needs to have a “come to Jesus” talk with that kid’s parents…..If she won’t then you & Jay need to.

    • We’ll handle it Ma…We’re starting with the teacher being aware of our concerns. If it continues or escalates, we’ll do something else.

  2. Rachel – don’t stress too much (as if that’s possible). I’ve been on both ends of this my kids being the bully and the victim. Its no fun and revs up your working mom guilt big time, but you know what to do. Talk to the teachers and make them give you a plan of action and then follow up daily. We found this works best and when you are on their ass, they will perform and closely monitor the kids. Most times they will know what triggers the incidents and can head it off before it gets physical. Good luck! Let me know if you need anything.

  3. Sorry to hear your little guy is in that situation. We went through that for a while with Lily and a little boy at daycare. (She was probably younger than the bambino is now, though.) We coached her for a while, telling her to say “No hitting!” and “That’s not nice!” and to tell an adult if that didn’t work, but eventually it came to a head and she hit the kid back. I confess, she didn’t really get any punishment for that, because I was just relieved that she would stand up for herself!

    But anyway, I totally understand why you’re stressing, because that’s a mom thing :-), but as long as the kid isn’t significantly older than your child, I would try not to worry too much. Erin has good advice!

    • @Erin & Tracy–Yeah, we had instances too where Lex was the instigator, and I felt like crap, and now that he’s on the other end, I feel like crap again! But his teacher’s aware of our concerns now, and next week, I’ll maybe check in with her, especially if I hear anything more about it from Lex. I’ll let it go if it seems to dwindle, but if there’s another instance like what Jay witnessed, we’ll go from there. I don’t want to be a completely over-protective mom, but at the same time, I’m not gonna hang my kid out to dry & make him fend for himself with something like this. These days, it can escalate so quickly, and the consequences can be truly awful.