“They say it’s your birthday…”

Yesterday was hellacious as well…My worst nightmare came true: Our quarterly statements showed up right before I went to lunch. I had about 8 bajillion things going on all at the same time, and thankfully, my boss was okay with the fact that I won’t be doing any sorting of them until Tuesday. As it was, I didn’t end up leaving work until 5:30. I didn’t feel like cooking, so the bambino & I got some Dairy Queen for dinner:

We had to run errands, and after yesterday, I needed ice cream. All Jay wanted was a frozen pizza, although he did have some onion rings while the bambino & I ate.

I was going to work the Beef Bowl this afternoon (it would’ve been a cool blogging opportunity), but didn’t realize that the 60th birthday party for my in-laws was today, not tomorrow (their birthdays are just a few days apart). So we made the 90-minute drive southeast to spend the day in Inwood, Iowa, where Jay’s grandmother lives. The party was planned by a couple of Jay’s aunts, and his grandmother agreed to host the party at her house. It was a beautiful day out:

The bambino got to see his little cousins from Omaha, which was nice. In fact, the only not nice thing that happened was that the battery in my camera died. How then, was I able to take pictures? Jay’s Aunt Rhonda let me borrow her battery so I could take a few photos (who knew an Olympus battery would work with a Nikon camera? But I suppose, most lithium camera batteries are all pretty standard these days).

There was a TON of food:


Inga brought the Puppy Chow. I remember the first time I ever had this stuff…My friend Annette’s mom or grandma had made some & sent it to her in a care package when we were freshman in college. She shared it, and I loved it! And as much as I do like Puppy Chow, I think I’ve only made it myself once, maybe twice. It’s addicting, though!

Some restaurant in Inwood catered the meal, so that no one would really have to do any cooking, although there were a few homemade dishes:

I’m not sure who made those. Rhonda brought some pies:

She did say later that she didn’t make them, but she did bring along a jar of her home-canned salsa (and she was willing to pose & be on the blog):

I have to say, I was a little jealous, and I think I should go pick myself up a Ball Beginner’s Canning Kit one of these days. The main meal was roast beef:

Mashed potatoes & gravy:

A veggie:

Some Jell-O fruit salad:

And more rolls:

I did not sample the green beans, but everything else was delicious. Jay’s Aunt Katey also made a “Better than Sex” Cake that was delicious as well (I think it’s one of my favorite desserts). While I probably should’ve eaten dinner, I was so stuffed from this afternoon’s meal that I haven’t had anything since–Except my poor man’s Reese’s cup–chocolate chips & a spoonful of peanut butter! I need to finalize my grocery list and get ready to go shopping tomorrow morning.

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3 Replies to ““They say it’s your birthday…””

  1. What a delicious meal with family and friends! I adore puppy chow, and I agree, it is very addictive. Whenever I see it at a party, it’s always the first thing that I grab. And I’ve also had a Better than Sex Cake, and I was very smitten. I hope that you have a wonderful day!

  2. Hey Rachel, thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment!

    Oh, isn’t that the way? when it rains it pours…sorry you’re having a bad week. The bambino looked like he was having a good time with the ice cream though:)

    I agree with Monet, puppy chow and I am there! yum! Looks like a fabulous time and some really great food. cheers!

  3. @Monet–Thanks! Today was much better than Friday was!

    @Lauren–Sadly, I think next week will be even worse than this week was. However, I don’t want to be the victim of a self-fulfilling prophecy, so I’m going to think good thoughts for Tuesday. And bake cookies. Cookies make everything better.