“It’s a beautiful day…”

I’ve been really busy today. I got up early (although later than I normally do), and went running for the first time in over 2 weeks. I did about as much walking as I did running, but I felt really good when I got back home. That 5K is less than 2 weeks away now, and I’m nowhere near ready to run it.

After I got breakfast, took Jay to work & got showered, I made myself some granola:

I checked the date on the recipe (I printed it off the Food Network’s website), and it’s from 2002. It’s pretty basic–Oats & nuts, and whatever dried fruit you feel like adding if you like your granola that way (I don’t). I’ll post the recipe whenever I’m not deliriously exhausted. Once that & 2 loads of laundry were done, the bambino & I took a long walk and popped down to the park for a bit.

Once we got home, we made some cookies:

Earlier in the week, a Harry & David catalog came for one of our customers, and in flipping through it, I came across some cookies. I’m guessing that they’re no Cheryl & Co. cookies, but they still looked damn good. One cookie in particular caught my eye–It was a peanut butter cookie with chocolate frosting, and peanut butter chips on top. I decided I needed to recreate them at home, and I thought it’d be a fun project for the bambino & I today. My plan was to make fudge frosting to put on them, but after I got done with the laundry, I was too tired, so I copped out:

The end result turned out well, though (and is pretty tasty):

I’m debating on taking the rest of them into work tomorrow to share, but I might decide to be selfish and keep them here.

Because I was so tired, I also copped out on dinner:

It’s apparently National Sausage Pizza Day as well, so I figured we’d celebrate by me not having to cook. And it was delicious.

And now, I need to go and clean up my kitchen, and gear up for my week of Hell that begins tomorrow.

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