“In a world of pure imagination…”

Yesterday was mine & Jay’s 4th anniversary. Since he & the bambino are home an hour before me, they picked me some flowers from around our house (only the 2nd time in our relationship that I’ve gotten flowers from Jay):

The bambino really wanted me to smell them as soon as I got home, which I thought was really cute. Once I got out of my work attire, we went out to Guadalajara for dinner. I didn’t feel up to taking pictures, since I’ve taken a bunch already anyway. Afterward, we popped over to the devil, and I picked up this:

I have no idea when I might watch it, but sometime this weekend I’d like to. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen it, and I do heart Bono.

Jay & I both took today off, and since Junior needed to be worked on, we headed to Sioux Falls for the day. After dropping the car off, we headed over to Hardee’s for breakfast. I know, Hardee’s is possibly the worst fast food place to choose, but we don’t eat there that often. And fast food breakfasts are a weakness of mine. Especially when I see things like this on the menu:

I think it was called something like Caramel Crunch Biscuit. Whatever it was called, it was delicious! And I kind of want to try and recreate it here at home one of these days.

Once the car was finished, we drove around for a bit. I fully confess that I get just as sucked into blogging fads as the next person. The only one I don’t apologize for is nut butters, because I love them. I’d mentioned to Katie before that I wanted to check out Great Harvest in Sioux Falls at some point. I’ve seen it plastered all over some of the bigger blogs out there, and wanted to see what all the fuss was about and whether or not it lived up to the hype. I was shocked when we walked in and a bunch of these were scattered about:

At 7 bucks a jar, I think I’ll stretch this out for as long as I can. I haven’t opened it yet, but I might have to make some oatmeal tomorrow. Or slather it on some of this:

I didn’t take it out of the bag, but that’s some Cinnamon Chip bread. I got a monster-sized sample while I was trying to decide what I wanted. I also tried a sample of some garlic bread with an awesome bruscetta topping. I’ll have to go back sometime soon and sample more breads and get more Naturally Nutty. Of course, if they’d like to send me some samples, I’d be fine with that too.

Once we were done at Great Harvest, we did some toy shopping for Jay, meandered through the mall looking for Halloween costumes, and then headed over to World Market. I needed to get a housewarming gift for Katie & Ernie’s party next week and I just wanted an excuse to look around. I got myself a little treat for the ride home, which I left in the trunk until we got back to Brookings.

I also got some soda, just because. And it was buy-one-get-one.

And I also picked up another snack I’ve seen mentioned on some blogs:

I haven’t tried those yet, so I have no idea if they’re really all that good. Guess I’ll find out some time over the weekend! I’m now off to bed!

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2 Replies to ““In a world of pure imagination…””

  1. There should never be any shame in something so slutty and delicious it’s called Caramel Crunch Biscuits. Well played.

    • I was really hoping that my husband would’ve just taken a single bite from his, then given me the rest, because they were that good, I could’ve eaten 2. Or 5.