“Could life ever be sane again?”

I need to dig out my Vitamin D tablets. My SAD is kicking in already. I swear, I think it gets worse every year. Last night, after seeing a forecast calling for snow showers tonight & tomorrow, it took me forever to fall asleep. My mind immediately jumped to late November/early December and multiple feet of snow on the ground. I hate having Generalized Anxiety Disorder on top of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

And on top of that, tomorrow afternoon, my boss wants to do my annual review. I don’t think I have anything to worry about (at least I hope not!), but I’ve always dreaded & feared reviews. And even though I’m not chomping on the antacids yet, I’m sure I will be after lunch tomorrow. Ugh!

I jumped on another blogging bandwagon this morning:

That would be pumpkin oatmeal (it’d probably help if I identified it, eh?). It wasn’t half-bad. Granted, I had some Naturally Nutty in there, along with some Dark Chocolate spread, and some half & half. I might attempt it again tomorrow.

Tonight I gave Jay the option of pizza burgers or ham & potato frittata. He opted for the pizza burgers. I made them a little differently this time:

I used garlic toast, instead of just regular bread. It would’ve been nice to have had more fresh mozzarella, but I used what I had:

And I got to use some Dakota Natural Beef:

They were good, although I left them until the broiler just a little too long:

Just as I was about to pull them out of the oven, I had to kill a bug, and by the time I cleaned it up, the burgers were a little over-done. They were still delicious. And after dinner, I made myself a sundae:

I figured it might help calm my nerves regarding tomorrow, but I think really, I need to make sure I get up and hit the elliptical before work.

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