“Gonna hang down your head & cry…”

I really shouldn’t be in a bad mood. I had a nice chat with my boss yesterday afternoon (and yes, it resulted in a raise, which I was pleased about), so all of my worries were unfounded. They usually are. The wind has finally died down, thankfully. I got my hair cut Monday night, so today it might actually look good when I get to work. The bambino gave me an early birthday present, sort of. He’s been wanting to get me a cookbook for my birthday (which isn’t even until next month) for months now, and was adamant that it be a red one. So he & Jay searched online for them, they found one, and because Jay’s a nice guy, he got me another one. The red one the bambino picked hasn’t arrived yet, but the one Jay chose showed up last night. The bambino was SO excited to give it to me, and in flipping through it, I’ve already found a few things I want to make ASAP. Jay chose well–It’s the Betty Crocker Italian cookbook. This weekend, the bambino & I will either make hazelnut biscotti or amaretti. A lot will depend on how expensive hazelnuts are at the store.

But that leads me into my collection of rants that have been brewing (again). Yeah, I know, no one likes a constant complainer and a sourpuss. But I will say that people who are sunshine & lollipops & rainbows all the time are equally annoying. I guess that could be my first gripe.

  • However, self-important people who use the entire month their birthdays fall in to celebrate themselves & how awesome they think they are really irritating. People who go overboard on their birthdays in general are irritating–Especially once you get into your thirties. You’re getting old. Deal with it. And you’re also likely not the only person in the history of the world born on your birthday. You’re also likely not as awesome and great as you think you are. Healthy self-esteem is fine. Arrogance is not.
  • I’m beginning to think Foodbuzz hates me. The past couple Tastemakers Program samples I’ve signed up for I haven’t received. And I know most of that stuff is in limited supply. The one that really irked me was the Ghirardelli chocolate samples–I know of one blogger who received them, and doesn’t even care for milk chocolate (yes, she’s one of the bigger bloggers out there)! Hello! I would’ve probably scarfed those puppies down after barely getting the wrappers off! Ah, well. That just reinforces my belief that I never win anything. It’s enough to make me want to quit bothering.
  • The ridiculous price of Halloween costumes. Jay & I spent last Friday looking at various stores in Sioux Falls & here in Brookings for Halloween costumes, and I tell ya, I am NOT about to spend $70 on a skankeriffic Alice in Wonderland or “Delightfully Devilish” or “Gothic Fairy” costume! Please. These things aren’t even quality-made. And SoDak’s a lot like Ohio come Halloween–I remember plenty of Halloweens as a kid having to wear extra layers underneath my Halloween costume (and being annoyed about it). I refuse to head out in something my boobs are popping out of or that would give my dad have a heart attack if he saw me wearing it. If I have to worry all night long about showing my pasty white ass to the world if I bend over in the slightest, I’m not wearing it! Thankfully, DS9 uniforms are about $25/each here in Brookings, so I think that’s what Jay & I will be wearing this year, because we heart all things Star Trek.
  • Robo-calls from politicians, especially the Republican ones. And I say this not to bash Republicans, but for crying out loud, I am a registered Democrat. Jay is a registered Independent. You’re not going to persuade me to vote for your guy by leaving automated messages on my answering machine–Instead, you’re just pissing me off, and making me even less likely to want anything to do with your party!
  • Spammers and their obnoxiously long comments. I swear, I think I spend more time on my lunch breaks and coffee breaks deleting spam comments and unkown users than I do in reading actual blogs. I’m sorry, but if I don’t know you, or haven’t left a reciprocal comment on your blog, I’m deleting you. The same goes for anyone/thing that tries to subscribe to my blog. Especially when your email address resembles something the bambino would type out if I let him near my keyboard.
  • Being long-winded. Usually I pride myself on brevity. However, when I get to griping & complaining, sadly, I could ramble on for hours! With that said, I now have killed enough time this morning that if I don’t hop in the shower in about 90 seconds, I can forget about having cute hair for today!

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2 Replies to ““Gonna hang down your head & cry…””

  1. Josie keeps trying to get me to be the “sexy” Robin or Superwoman. She doesn’t it realize it the “sexy” version but there is no way in hell I’d ever put those tiny clothes on. I will dress all in black & wear cat ears, done.