“Two faces have I…”

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted more than once daily. I actually cooked tonight and I feel the need to blog about it again! Jay & I walked up to the Party Depot and got our Halloween costumes for Katie & Ernie’s party Saturday night. Lucky for us, waiting till almost the last minute saved us about $12! But you’ll have to wait to see us in them till the weekend.

Once we got home, I started peeling a couple potatoes for my frittata that I finally got around to making. Once I got the potatoes frying up in some olive oil, I started cracking the first of the 8 eggs I was using. A couple weeks ago, I found out that Lisa, a coworker, had a bunch of eggs she & her husband were trying to unload, so I bought a dozen from her. I only used 2 of them, as I finished off the rest of a dozen that I’d bought from the store. Guess which eggs I got from Lisa:

Amazing. It makes me not want to buy eggs from the store any more.

The only other thing I did for dinner was to use up the rest of the garlic toast.

It was good. My only complaint was that the frittata was slightly undercooked even though I thought I cooked it through on both sides.

No matter though. The leftovers will be fine once they’re reheated tomorrow!

I might make horrid-looking food, but it really did taste good. I’m excited for this weekend, both for the Halloween party (I haven’t been to a Halloween party since college!), and to try out some of the recipes from my new cookbook. I’ve found a soup recipe, a bread recipe, a pork tenderloin recipe, and 2 cookie recipes! Somehow, I don’t think I’ll get to all of them over the next 3 days, but we’ll see!

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