A not-so-lazy Saturday afternoon…

I got up fairly early this morning, in spite of being awoken by the bambino twice between 4 & 5 (I gave up on sleep at 6:30). The bambino & I did our usual and customary grocery shopping, although we got there later than I wanted to (which usually means dodging old people standing in the aisles, yakking to each other about their ailments or people they know who’ve died). And I loaded up a bit:

It seems like a lot, even without the case of diapers that’s not pictured. But there were quite a few things on sale, and I think the most expensive item I bought was this:

I needed them for one of the recipes I’m making from my new cookbook tomorrow. I also needed this:

Pork loin with prosciutto. It sounded delicious to me, and Jay’s been bugging me to use one or both of the tenderloins he bought at the beginning of the month. So I will tomorrow night. I also bought some produce:

The salad greens looked good, and I’ll be honest, it’s been awhile since I’ve eaten anything green. I also bought this:

Don’t keel over. I’m either going to attempt to see if I like it roasted, or if I can tell the difference when it’s puréed/mashed along with potatoes. At $1.50/head, I’ll also be honest that if I hate it both ways, I won’t be that broken up if I end up tossing the majority of it. But here’s how unfamiliar veggies are to me: I had to ask my friend Abby’s husband (he works in the produce department at the store) how to pick a good head of cauliflower, because I don’t think I have ever eaten it before in my life. Jay said he’s okay with it, so I’m going to give it a shot.

After I got the groceries put away, I got to work on some bread:

I decided to tackle this by hand, instead of utilizing my bread machine as a shortcut. I also picked up some bread flour when we were at the store, even though I have plenty of all-purpose flour. Sometimes I just like to have options when I bake. I was afraid that my yeast might’ve been killed by my water & flour, because I know they were both too hot when I pulled them out of the microwave, but everything worked beautifully. And there’s something really therapeutic and relaxing when it comes to kneading bread. Especially when it goes from looking like this:

To this:

It was at this point that I figured my bread would be okay–It was about half that size when I first covered it & let it rest. For the second rise, I stuck it in the bathroom while Jay took a shower (he takes super-hot & super-long showers, so I figured that would be good for the bread. And I was right.).

I kind of like the fact that you can see the indentations of my fingernails as well as just my fingertips. I was pleased with myself at how decently I shaped the loaf this time too:

This cookbook gave the tip of rolling the loaf back & forth after rolling it up & sealing the seam, to shape it a little better. After it sat for another 30 minutes, I slashed it:

And then I baked it.

It actually looks like rustic bread! I’m pretty proud of it (dorky as that sounds).

And my house smells awesome. I can’t wait to slice it up…I think it’ll go beautifully with the soup I’m planning on making here in about 45 minutes:

And no, I will not be using onions in this. Yes, I know that’s probably missing the whole point of the soup, but neither Jay or I can deal with the texture of onions. He got some chili for lunch yesterday that had onions in it, and rather than pick around them (which I’d’ve done), he just ate them whole. More power to him.

At some point soon, I do need to get that soup going, and get a shower and get ready for Katie’s party tonight! I’ve got my camera charging, but I also still need to go and iron pants for Jay & I, pack up the diaper bag for my mother-in-law, and make sure I don’t forget this:

I have a feeling Katie’s too busy cleaning house or prepping food to be reading this, so she won’t guess what it is before I get there! And with that, I’m off until tomorrow at some point!

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