“The zombies were having fun/the party had just begun…”

Even though we were only there a couple hours, Katie & Ernie’s party was a lot of fun. I haven’t been to a Halloween party since college, so I was pretty excited when she invited me. And it was a fun excuse to dress up:

The housewarming gift I picked up was one she’d purchased herself:

Which was a good thing, as both bottles of the Vampire wine disappeared pretty quickly! I didn’t notice until last night, but there was even a creepy poem on the back:

The decorations were fun:

Even Clementine the dog got in on the action:

Katie had TONS of food:

There was a murder mystery game going on during the night, which Ernie even said, would probably be a big fail & backfire, but it was still fun. Ernie was an insane butler, Katie was the dead maid, and Jay & I ended up being victims.

The bambino swiped Jay’s sticker after we picked him up & wanted to wear it. My lovely photo-editing software screwed up the photo I took of my “death” sticker, and even though I didn’t save the settings, it’s still jacked-up. At any rate, I was drowned in the toilet by the Were-Bear (and there is a story behind it). And it was about at that point that we had to leave and go get the bambino, and call it a night. And since today’s turning out to be another busy day (I’ve already got laundry going, we’re heading back to Jay’s mom & dad’s for Sunday dinner, and there’s still trick-or-treating to do later tonight), I should get to work!

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2 Replies to ““The zombies were having fun/the party had just begun…””

  1. I love the pics! We’re so glad you guys were able to make it and that you had a good time. I have to say that you guys left at a pretty decent time because once “Killer Clowns from Outer Space” was over, someone chose to watch “Thankskilling” – officially the worst movie I have ever seen. Thanks for the wine again, great minds do indeed think alike. :-)

    • Aww, I’m actually kind of bummed that I missed “Thankskilling!” We had a great time, even with “Rumpelstiltskin!” :)