Wherefore art thou, KitchenAid?

I’ve been home all day with a sick bambino. An outsider looking in wouldn’t believe the bambino’s battling a pretty nasty sinus infection, along with a sore throat & swollen tonsils–He never napped today, he actually hasn’t had a nap since Friday last week, and other than an occasional hacking cough, he’s acting perfectly normal. But as often happens when I’m home during a weekday, I baked.

I’ve been wanting to make hazelnut biscotti since Jay gave me this cookbook. However, forces have prevented me from making it. Hy-Vee’s been out of hazelnuts for awhile now, and I have no idea when they’ll get more in. So I made the next best thing:

I’ve made biscotti before, but the dough this time was a little tough.

Especially after I added the almonds:

I gave up on my wooden spoon at this point, and just got my hands in there to mix everything. I think I’m going to begin saving up for a stand mixer. Unless of course, KitchenAid just wants to give me one. That would be pretty sweet. Not that there isn’t something to be said for doing things like this by hand. But y’know, I get tired of it sometimes!

But everything turned out fine.

And they taste delicious. I’m sure they’ll be even better dunked in my coffee at break tomorrow morning!

I’ve got meatloaf in the oven and I think it’s about ready to come out. Which means I need to get my mashed potatoes going, too.

Tomorrow’s the start of a pretty busy string of activity…I have a book to read and a discussion to attend tomorrow night. Jay’s got tickets for us to go and see the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra Thursday night, and on Friday, my friend Amy gets married, and it’s shaping up to be one helluva party!

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