“Goin’ to the chapel…”

It has been a really busy couple of days. Actually, it’s been a rather busy week. The bambino was home sick Monday & Tuesday. Wednesday, since he was better, we ran errands, even though  I was supposed to go to SDSU to listen to author Greg Mortenson speak about his book Three Cups of Tea. I opted not to go because I haven’t had a chance to sit and read the book. I’m a fairly quick reader, so my plan was to read it Tuesday, while the bambino napped. That never happened. In fact, I’m the one who ended up dozing on the couch, not him! And at some point, I created myself a Facebook page for my blog. You do have to scroll to find the badge, which is probably why no one’s “liked” it yet (either that or I’m a lot lamer than I thought!).

Thursday night, Jay & I went to see the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra, also at SDSU. Jay got tickets from work, which was nice.

One of the pieces they performed, Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition”, is Jay’s favorite classical piece, so he really wanted to go. I was most impressed by the violin concerto performed by Jennifer Koh. Wow. And she played on a Stradivarius, something I never thought I’d ever get to hear. I actually got choked up when she started playing. Little known fact about me: I attempted to play the violin in high school. I lasted about 2 months at it, not because I couldn’t (I apparently had excellent form), but because my heart wasn’t in it. My first choice was drums, then bass (which would’ve been really funny to see, since I’m only 5’2″ so I would’ve needed a stool to stand on or something!), but my mom shot both of those down. She relented on letting my sister Kendra play the drums 3 years later, and yes, Mom, I’m still bitter about it.

But anyway…I was excited to go, because I haven’t gone to the symphony since I left Ohio. And I’ve never been to the Performing Arts Center on campus.

When we got inside, I was pleased to discover a wine & cheese reception. I haven’t been home to cook much, and we’ve used all our leftovers for lunches lately, so I didn’t have much to eat before we got there (I did crack and got a Happy Meal, and once again, felt a little sick after eating it, so I should probably just quit doing that). So I got a few crackers and some cheese:

And a glass of Merlot:

We ended up running into Jay’s best friend’s parents, and chatted with them for awhile, as well as a very nice couple from Georgia (the country, not the state). I also saw a few coworkers there as well. Jay & I agreed that it was a fun date night, although we’re hoping that when he’s a little older, the bambino will be interested in going to things like this too.

And then yesterday, I worked until 2, then left to go get things ready for a wedding.

The wedding was at 4:30, so I left work to change clothes, and iron clothes for Jay & the bambino. They didn’t attend the wedding, but I picked them up for the reception & dance. The wedding was beautiful, as was Amy (Levi cleaned up nicely too):

After I picked up Jay & the bambino, we headed off to one of the hotels here in town for the reception. I’m glad I told Jay to get something eat beforehand, just because the dinner didn’t start till about 7. There were treats to nibble while we waited, though:

Once the bambino saw all the candy, he kept asking for more & more. I felt bad for him–I think he suffered from a bit of sensory overload with all the people and being in a new place that he wanted to explore. He did settle down a bit when it was time to eat, though.

Believe it or not, I did also have a salad, although I didn’t eat much of it because I’m one of those weirdos who doesn’t like ranch dressing, and the only other option was French dressing, which I also don’t like. And since I don’t really like dry salad greens, I gave up on it.

And what’s a wedding without cake?

I was a little bummed that I missed out on the chocolate layer, but this was delicious nonetheless. I’ve had discussions with various friends who’ve gotten married in the past few years, and in planning their wedding menus and desserts, there seems to be this consensus among wedding guests that there has to be cake. I find that rather baffling. As far as I’m concerned, as long as there’s something sweet after a wedding dinner, I don’t really care if it comes in candy, cheesecake or traditional cake form. I think it was my friend Jen who was told by her caterer that there are guests who will attend a wedding reception strictly for the cake. I think that’s just silly, but that’s me. Besides, while they can be rather elaborate and practically works of art, cake is still just cake.

While waiting for the dance to start, the bambino got a little restless and because it was getting close to bedtime, he was also getting cranky. Kathy came to the rescue, with some games on her cell phone:

He was entertained for about a half-hour with that. One of the games involved bubbles, and he even sang his Tiny Tim the Turtle song for her! After that point, though, with the crazy week we’ve had, he got super-tired, and even though I promised him he could dance, we ended up leaving at about 20 after 8. I figured he was exhausted when we didn’t hear any chirping from upstairs and he was dead to the world when I kissed him goodnight before I myself went to bed shortly after 10!

And because I like to make things difficult on myself, I also scheduled a portrait session for 10 this morning! We’ll finally redeem the gift certificate Jay & the bambino won, and after almost 3 years of nagging, I’ll finally get my family portrait! I have some laundry going, because I need to coordinate our outfits…Which is turning out to be a lot harder than I thought it would be! Melissa and I decided I needed a repeat of my Prairie Berry wine-tasting party. My birthday happens to be next Saturday, and since I keep joking that this will be the last one I celebrate for awhile (I’ll be 35, believe it or not), we decided I should throw a party. I’m working on menu ideas, but the star will be the pumpkin chocolate tiramisu I’ve been drooling over since my November issue of Everyday Food showed up a couple weeks ago!

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2 Replies to ““Goin’ to the chapel…””

  1. Family portraits are such a pain in the ass – but you will be so glad you did it. I force us to go once a year, usually right before Christmas (also great gifts for the Grandparents) and the time leading up to and thru the picture is sheer torture. But everytime I look at the photo I’m happy we did it.

    • I’ve told Jay for the past 2 years (well, since Lex was born, basically) that I wanted a family portrait, either for Mother’s Day, for our anniversary, my b-day, whatever. But since I’m the one who has to coordinate all that stuff, it hasn’t gotten done until now (and even then, I’m the one who had to call the photographer & schedule the appointment!). And great mind think alike, as I’m already planning on how many 8X10s we’ll need to send to the folks! :)