Saturday evening wrap-up

Well, for the second time in a few weeks or so, I’m feeling like posting for a second time today. And I don’t really have anything worth saying! We went and had our family portraits done. We’ll go back on Tuesday to check them out and order whatever prints we like. After we got done there, we swung through the store, and just on a whim, I checked the Health Market. I was pleasantly surprised to see this:

My Fage is back!!!! And here’s how ridiculous I am: There were 10 containers on the shelf. I have 7 of them in my refrigerator right now. I also have 8 of these:

I was waiting on them to go on sale before I bought more.That, and I was waiting on Fage to be back on the shelf, since a Larabar & a cup of Fage keeps me full until lunch.

Around 3:30, I worked up my regular grocery list, and went back (there were 2 cups of Fage left at that point). I think I might go back to a $50/week grocery budget. I spent $47 on this:

The most expensive item was some new coffee I’m going to try out tomorrow morning:

At $8.49/bag, it’s a little expensive, but I wanted to try it since it’s roasted here in South Dakota.

I’ll be honest, I have no idea where Parker, South Dakota is, just that it’s southwest of Sioux Falls (according to the Cherrybean website). This Caribbean Queen flavor sounds like it’ll be a good Sunday morning coffee. I’ll find out itomorrow!

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4 Replies to “Saturday evening wrap-up”

  1. I do the same exact thing when I find something that can sometimes be elusive (yet mandatory–like Fage or Larabars.) I end up buying more of it than necessary and then stress myself out trying to eat it all before the expiration date. Good lord…

    But score for you!

    • Luckily my 2-year-old LOVES plain yogurt, and I’ve got him hooked on Greek yogurt, so the Fage will get eaten well before it all expires. And the little stinker swiped one of my peanut butter cookie Larabars this morning, so I don’t think I’m going to have to worry about those either!

  2. Your site looks great!! You won the foodie blogroll contest! Wheee!!!! So cool.
    I hope baby is feeling better and that coffee looks awesome. I bought some pumpkin blend today, I guess we are both suckers for GOOD COFFEE!!!!

    • Thanks! I’m pretty excited about getting some fun new spices to try out! The coffee is really good–It’s nice & smooth (although I don’t mind “bitter” coffee either), and it’s a good wake-me-up kind of flavor. You’ll have to tell me how the pumpkin blend is–I didn’t see it at my World Market the last time I was there!