“Semper Five, Papa!”

It’s been a really long day. And pretty dreary too. But I’ve got tomorrow off, which will be nice. After we drop Jay off at work, the bambino & I will go grocery shopping, then I”m going to begin cleaning the house. I want to get the big stuff done, like the bathroom (which I hate to clean), and dusting. The ceiling fan is pretty ashen-looking! And the carpet desperately needs to be vacuumed.

After last night’s dinner, and because I knew it was going to be crappy out today, I took the beef bacon out and decided that I’d make some cornbread to with it.

I searched online for ways to cook it, but all I could find were a couple sites that suggested frying it like pork bacon. I wasn’t interested in doing that. I remembered Cliff telling me that beef bacon is basically brisket or can be used as brisket. So I cooked it like brisket. I started by making my BBQ sauce:

This was after preheating the oven to 425°F.

I changed up the BBQ sauce a bit this time. Since we had so many peppers, and spent a few evenings drying them out, Jay created his own blend of red pepper. I sometimes add some cayenne or chili powder when I make the BBQ sauce, and since we have plenty of Jay’s stuff, I used that tonight.

That would be the working supply. There’s a quart-sized Mason jar of it in our fridge.

I covered the bacon with the BBQ sauce, then covered it with foil. Having made regular brisket before, I know they take a long time to cook. I figured that since this stuff was already sliced, an hour covered, would do. While it was cooking, I got started on the cornbread:

I haven’t had cornbread in ages, and it goes well with brisket.

The beef bacon/brisket/whatever-you-wanna-call-it was delicious. I probably could’ve left it in the oven for another 30 minutes, but it was still really tender. The sauce was delicious too. Tangy with some heat. I dislike sweet BBQ sauces, and prefer something with a bit of a bite. Jay’s spices gave it just enough heat that I really liked it. Sadly, though, it was too spicy for the bambino. He ate a couple pieces of cornbread. And there’s still enough cornbread left that I might crumble it up in a bowl tomorrow with some milk.

And in case anyone’s wondering about the title for my post today, it’s the Marine Corps’ Birthday. And since my dad spent time in the Corps (and my mom’s dad was a retired Marine), I had the bambino attempt to say “Semper Fi” when my dad called this evening.

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