“I’m frozen when it’s time to jump…”

I’ve been in another funk lately. Really hormonal. Yesterday, I was instantly annoyed by any, all & everything. Today, I’ve been weepy as all get-out. I’ve also been eating everything in sight. Last night I had a craving for candy, so I got out the chocolate chips and peanut butter:

My poor man’s Reese’s cup. It does the trick in a pinch when I have cravings for chocolate.

Today was one of those days where I wished I could’ve gone back 24 hours and changed a few things. Or just come back home and gone back to bed. The bambino decided to stay up until about 11:30. Then around 2:15, some putz was banging on something outside which woke me up. The morning was fine till we got to daycare. For whatever reason at that point, the bambino decided to have a meltdown. After we got him calmed down, we walked out, and just as we got to the door, Jay heard him crying, and as we drove off, we noticed him (and the director of his daycare) at the window crying. Which meant I cried the whole way to work. And at lunch time, I had to run by the post office. Since I didn’t have leftovers, I also had to run by somewhere to get lunch. Naturally, they screwed up my order. I hate American “cheese” so I usually get hamburgers (and after watching “Food Revolution” I will never touch a chicken nugget again). I got a cheeseburger. Ugh.

The day wasn’t a total washout though. I got to leave early, since today was the 15th anniversary of the opening of the bambino’s daycare. And when I got home, Jay brought in this box:

Thanks to the Foodbuzz Tastemakers Program, I got a Hickory Farms gift box. And right away there were 2 hungry vultures circling around:

My sister Kendra loves these things, although since she’s vegan now, she wouldn’t eat anything in this box. Maybe the strawberry candies, but that’s probably about it. I recall several instances of having to go out a day or 2 after Christmas , and even New Year’s so she could get herself a box at 50% or 75% off. Jay immediately broke into one of the sausages & the mustard. And the bambino swiped a candy.

Because I was still somewhat sulking over my day, I decided scalloped potatoes and ham were necessary.

And yeah, that’s the kind of day I had:

Ah, well. The dish turned out fine.

I think I should’ve buried the ham a little deeper. No matter. I have plenty of leftovers for my lunch tomorrow, and I got to cap off the evening with some delicious fudge swirl:

I’ve had a bunch of baked goods in the house lately, so the ice cream was a nice change of pace. I am very glad it’s almost the weekend. Tomorrow evening I’ll work on my grocery list, and start formulating my Thanksgiving Day menu! I probably will change my mind about it, but green beans might make a second appearance at my table! We’ll see how brave I’m feeling next week.

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5 Replies to ““I’m frozen when it’s time to jump…””

  1. I love the cheese gift box! Sorry you had a rough day. If it helps I got my traditional cheese gift from Figi’s in the mail today and when I openned the processed cheese food product that has been a part of my holidays since my forefathers fought the great Cheese Food Product War of 1346BC the safety seal was broken. I did the only thing I could. I burst into uncontrollable tears. So, at least you cried for your child’s pain and not processed cheese food product.

  2. Hi, Rachel. I hope SoDak life improves for you – after all, Thanksgiving is just a week away in the US of A….

    I am personally acquainted with the PB & CC trick in desperate times!



  3. Melissa–I do confess that I cried about the cheeseburger when I realized Culver’s mistake. Luckily I was sitting at a red light when that happened, so I didn’t feel too foolish. Yesterday was a pretty awful day, I tell ya. At least today, there will be popcorn! :)

    Dan–I think I probably just need to start taking my Vitamin D tablets again. We had a stretch of nice (nice for SoDak) weather, so I didn’t need them for awhile. And you’re right, Thanksgiving is next week, so I really should quit whining. Things could be a LOT worse! And I do still have plenty of PB and chocolate chips! :)

    • Nah…The real reason showed up this morning. I don’t want to be pregnant until at least April next year–Our daycare’s full until 2012!