“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”

We’ve had a full day. I got up at my regular time and went grocery shopping. Hy-Vee redid their organic produce section, so I went a little (a lot) overboard:

I know, it doesn’t look like much, but organic produce isn’t cheap. I also had to get stuff for Thanksgiving:

I also used the only 2 Jones coupons I’ll be able to (since Hy-Vee doesn’t carry a lot of the Jones products, sadly). I restocked pantry stuff:

I needed more flour, since I was planning on making some bread this weekend. Wheat Montana redid their packaging, which is nice, since the bags are now resealable.

I also stocked up on some dairy items:

Yes, I bought a ton of Fage again. I didn’t clean them out this time, although I was tempted to. The buttery spread is for Jay–The radio station is doing a Thanksgiving meal or something, and everyone there has to bring 5 lbs. of butter.

After I got the groceries put away, we headed down to Sioux Falls. Our plan was to get our Christmas shopping finished, and I wanted to swing by Great Harvest again:

I was really thrilled to see this:

It’s going to be Pomegranate Market, a local healthy/organic grocery store. I first heard about it roughly a year ago, and thought they were supposed to open back in the spring. I’m a little saddened that they’re supposed to open on December 1st, and thanks to forthcoming winter weather, this will probably be the last Sioux Falls trip until the spring. Damn ├╝ber-cold weather.

Anyway…I wanted more Naturally Nutty, although I got a different flavor than last time.

I also picked up some rolls, just because I was too lazy to make some today.

I also picked up one of these:

I was going to wait and eat it tomorrow, but I just couldn’t wait. I made a pot of decaf, and the bambino & I had a snack this afternoon. It was delicious. The cashier was especially nice–The bambino was well-behaved and I told him he could have a cookie. The cashier just let us have it, which was really nice of her.

We did get the rest of the Christmas shopping done. I had 2 nieces left to buy gifts for, which I took care of and I bought myself a few things:

I wanted something small to carry in my purse for the occasional blog ideas I come up with. I also got a couple Christmas decoration things:

I’m finally going to get to hang up the wreath my sister Shelley made for me the year that Jay & I bought our house. I was too pregnant to care about decorating for Christmas (we moved into the house in early November) that year. The following year was the bambino’s first Christmas, and because he was cruising around and pulling himself up on things, I didn’t want to risk him pulling over a Christmas tree. And that ended up being a bittersweet Christmas anyway, as my grandfather passed away that day. Last year we weren’t even home, so I didn’t bother decorating. This year, though, I’m actually kind of excited about it.

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