“Hey, do your people even celebrate Thanksgiving?” “We did…Once.”

Thanksgiving morning has started off nice & lazy…Okay, I have washed some dishes, and I’m debating on what ingredients I’m going to leave out for whatever bread I end up making. I’m trying to decide between sweet potato biscuits, or regular dinner rolls. I think I’m going to go with the biscuits, just because they’re a little different. Abby’s going to venture out to her parents’ so I don’t have to worry that I might run out of food or anything. It’s nicer than they predicted. Cold as all get-out, but it’s actually sunny, and apparently not too slippery (Jay had to go into work for about an hour this morning).

Jay got out the Christmas stuff, so that after dinner we can start decorating. I had more stuff than I thought I did:

And I finally got to hang up the wreath my sister made me a couple years ago:

I probably should’ve fluffed it up a bit before I put it outside, but I was just so excited to hang it up (and it really is chilly out)! My only complaint is that we don’t have an outdoor plug close enough that I can plug in the lights on it. Although if I hung it actually ON the house itself, I would be able to plug it in then. But I bought a door hanger for it, so that’s what I’m going with this year. Maybe next year I’ll mix it up a bit.

While Jay was at work, I made some oatmeal for the bambino & I. I almost cleaned out my jar of Dark Chocolate Spread eating pancakes the other night, so I caved into a blogging trend and made some OIAJ (oatmeal in a jar, for those people like me who had no idea what the hell that meant the first time reading it!). I have to say that I was unimpressed by it.

Maybe I cleaned out that jar a little too well, or I just like a lot more stuff in my oatmeal, but I found it a little lacking. Still, I was hungry, so I ate it all.

No matter. I can say that I tried it, and I don’t honestly see what all the fuss is about. I’m just not that cool, I guess!

The bambino was being a bit of a stinker this morning, and tried to swipe some pumpkin pie while the oatmeal was cooking:

Funny, he did the same thing when I set out the tiramisu at my birthday party. No matter. Had they opted to come here, I think Abby & Donavon would’ve found it as amusing as my sister Kendra did when I told her about it! I should take it as a compliment that he likes my cooking so much he just wants to grab handfuls and shove ’em in his mouth!

And with that, I suppose I should go wash a few more dishes and go ahead and make those sweet potato biscuits. I also have to figure out some lunch for tomorrow, although I figure I’ll just take some leftovers in my fun new lunchbox!

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4 Replies to ““Hey, do your people even celebrate Thanksgiving?” “We did…Once.””

  1. Hi Rachel, Happy Thanksgiving! I LOVE the wreath your sister made! I love white! I think it is simply elegant! OH and btw, I am so not cool either cuz OIAJ just doesn’t do it for me either! ;-) Glad you are having a better day today! Love the blog, the pics and the recipes! Love to stop by and visit! Ciao Bella! ;-)

    • Happy Thanksgiving Dawn! I love the wreath my sister made too–Like I said in my post, I wish I could plug it in–The lights she wrapped in it are blue, and I think it would make it look even prettier than it already does! I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t think OIAJ is all that either! :)

    • Thanks Erin–I hope your Thanksgiving was a good one. Yeah, I need to start storing desserts up on top of my fridge or something to avoid handprints and missing chunks!