“I’m hardly here at all…”

It’s been a really busy week, and it’s not over yet…Monday evening, I went and got a haircut. We were supposed to have gotten hammered by a winter storm that bypassed us. What was supposed to have been 5-7 inches turned out to be basically a dusting. The wind was horrid for about 2 days, but I’d rather deal with that than 5 inches of snow!

Tuesday evening, I stayed late at work for the decorating party. Once the bank closes, we finish whatever decorating didn’t get done during business hours, then eat, chat, & go home.

Last night, I decided to go grocery shopping. We probably could’ve made it till the weekend, but things were looking pretty desperate. I did a rather large stocking-up trip:

Eep! And that doesn’t even include the milk or diapers I’m likely to have to go pick up over the weekend! No matter. We’re set for awhile.

I also got a huge bulk pack of TP, but it wouldn’t fit on the counter, and I sometimes feel like that just doesn’t need to be included in any pictures. Yeah, everyone goes to the bathroom. No need to make a big deal out of it, even if poop is funny, and sometimes I still act like I’m 10.

It’s a little scary that that’s all the meat I bought…But we have some stuff in the freezer still, and I about croaked at chicken prices. The Bare Chicken was still $4.99 for that 2-pack of breasts, but I sometimes also buy Smart Chicken. That stuff’s ridiculously expensive! Even the regular Hy-Vee brand was more than I wanted to pay. I’ll just wait for a sale. It’s a shame too…I love chicken more than I love beef, and I’d eat it every day if I could!

I figure maybe this weekend I’ll do a lot of baking. I already know I’m going to make bread…We haven’t had any homemade in ages, and I’ve gotten away from my usual Saturday afternoon baking sessions. I’m thinking too it might be fun to make some Christmas cookies with the bambino.

I was good this time, and did not clean Hy-Vee out of all their Fage, although I was really tempted. That might be something else I go back and get over the weekend, when I’m getting the aforementioned milk & diapers.

I obviously forgot to photograph the coffee & Clif bars I also bought…I was going to get Larabars, but there was a stack of coupons next to the Clif bars display, so I bought them instead. We’ll see how they are. When I was picking out my coffee, I ran into my boss. Unless it’s someone I know pretty well, I always find it amusing to run into people I work with outside of work.

And with that, I’m off to go get ready for work. The busy-ness continues this evening…We’re headed back to Melby to pick out some Christmas cards right after I’m done at work. Tomorrow night is our department holiday party. Maybe by Saturday evening I’ll get a break!

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