“She had to remember not to drink like that…”

The past couple days have been a bit of a whirlwind. Thursday evening, we went & ordered our Christmas cards. After we got home, I sort of went on an emotional roller coaster ride (I won’t go into a whole lot of details, but I spent the evening wallowing a bit because someone assumed I was expecting…I’m not, and I was a little crushed), but got to work making some dinner. I didn’t take pictures, but I made some tostadas with Spanish-style rice on the side. They were pretty tasty. I tossed all the leftovers together for lunch:

Not exactly nachos, but sort of. It was just as tasty the second day.

Last night was our department’s holiday party. Part thank-you because our department is kick-ass from a performance standpoint, part Christmas party, we had a little get-together right after work. Katie’s husband was sick, and Jay had to stay home with the bambino because we didn’t have a sitter, so Melissa suggested a pre-game warm-up during the 30 minutes between the bank’s closing and the party starting. We walked over to O’Hare’s, a downstairs bar attached to The Ram, a restaurant downtown. Katie was smart & ordered a cup of coffee with some Bailey’s in it. I got my usual:

The always-delicious White Russian. We chatted for about 45 minutes before we figured we should head down to the party and get some grub.

Naturally the first thing I noticed was the tray of desserts. I easily could’ve cleaned that plate off, but I refrained. The party was held at the Old Fire Hall, which is right behind the apartments Jay & I lived in after I first moved to Brookings. I used to get really irked when people who were attending functions there would take up parking spaces that belonged to us tenants! The decorations were nice:

Very festive. A couple people poked fun at me because I went around taking my food pictures almost as soon as I got my coat off. Even my boss’s wife asked if I was planning on blogging about the evening! She also told me that there’s an upcoming cooking class/session at Hy-Vee, featuring chocolate. I think I might need to look into that further, and probably sign up for it. While a couple of the officers did most of the grunt work, my friend Jen & I were on the planning committee, so we had some input on the food & drinks:

And after taking a couple other shots (too blurry to bother posting), I settled down to start eating.

I also got myself a nice glass of Cabernet:

I couldn’t tell if the sandwiches had mayo or butter on them, so I didn’t finish them (I eschew most condiments, and think mayo is among the nastier creations known to man). The Cabernet had a really strong aftertaste, and that’s all I was really tasting, so I got some wings instead:

Wine and wings. Because that’s really classy. I always forget just how much I really like spinach-artichoke dip, and while I took a small spoonful of it when I got my first plate, I went back later for more:

Around 8:30, maybe 8:45, a few of us decided to move the party along, so we took Melissa to experience The Lantern, one of the trashier bars in Brookings (I have been there many times, but really, the stripper silhouettes on the big screen are completely unnecessary). We got there right around 9, so it was pretty empty, but we had a drink there anyway. We moved to Skinner’s, which is probably the bar I like best in town–When it’s not jam-packed with the college students. We did a shot, had a drink, then capped off the evening back at O’Hare’s. I got home 3 hours later than I’d anticipated…I figured that since the party was “over” at 8, at the latest, I’d be home around 8:30…I didn’t walk in until 11:45. Jay & the bambino were already asleep, although the bambino woke up around 4:30, and needed to snuggle for awhile. All in all, I had a really good time, even if I’m dragging a little bit today. I’m still thinking I’ll bake some bread at some point today, and I do need to pop out to the store…The bambino will need diapers, and between the 2 of us, we’ve polished off the box of Clif bars I bought Wednesday evening (they do make a nice quick breakfast, along with some Fage, and we both love our peanut butter!). I wish I’d been a little better about menu planning before I went to the grocery store…I found an Everyday Food recipe for some baked cheese tortellini with bacon that I think would make an excellent meal at some point this weekend!

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2 Replies to ““She had to remember not to drink like that…””

  1. Good times! Thanks for a fun night and giving me the Lantern tour. Left me speechless. And no, I did not double back.