“Me want cookie!!!”

As promised, here is my food-related post for the day. I almost think I need to quit watching “Meet the Press” for awhile, because it’s just been making my blood boil as of late. Anyway…Last night’s bread turned out beautifully:

I thought the sesame seeds would be a fun twist on my usual recipe. Plus, it gave me an excuse to open another of my Spices Inc. spices. The bambino & I had some as toast this morning. Yum.

I spent today doing laundry and baking. I originally decided on making some chocolate chip cookies, but then I decided to mix them up a little. I added cinnamon and some peanut butter chips, and I’m quite pleased with the results:

Almost a sweet & salty combo, but warm from the cinnamon. And my recipe made a ton, so I might take them into work. Although we probably have a bunch of leftovers from the party. I could freeze them. We’ll see, though.

Almost as soon as I was done with the cookies, I got started on dinner. Steaks:

Baked potatoes:

And some corn:

It was a nice cozy meal to cap off a good weekend. I should go and pack my lunch for tomorrow!

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