“I wanna reach out…”

Today’s been kind of crazy–In a good way. Last night as I was checking my stats (because I’m obsessive-compulsive like that), I noticed a referral from the blog Northern Valley Beacon. Imagine my surprise to see that my rant from this weekend was quoted. Imagine my shock this morning to discover that the author is a blogger for one of the news websites in South Dakota, and the post that quoted me was featured today! I kind of freaked out after that…I had no idea anyone other than my mom even read my griping!

And even though I got a call that our Christmas cards are finished, I opted to just come home & fix dinner (I’ll call about picking them up tomorrow). I’d taken out some pork chops and because I had some leftover mashed potatoes, I opted to make some potato pancakes (I’m apparently on a 48-hour pancake kick here). Jay doesn’t exactly care for them, but I heart my carbs, and I love potatoes with a passion. So I started with the mashed potatoes, and added some parsley, garlic salt, onion powder & pepper:

And then I added an egg:

Notice how yellow they are. I’m still using eggs that Lisa gave me, and the quality of eggs fresh from a farm is SO superior to what you get in the grocery stores! I’m going to be sad when Lisa’s chickens slow down. I’m also sad that Lisa’s taking another job at a different branch, so I won’t get to see her as often, but it’ll be a good move for her.

While I was mixing, I had oil heating in a skillet. I used my 12-inch skillet, so the pancakes had room to spread out.

One of the many mistakes I generally make whenever I fix these is flipping them too soon (the other is not waiting long enough for the oil to heat up). I tried waiting until they were decently browned on the bottom:

You can see off to the left the bambino’s baby pancake wasn’t as browned as it probably should’ve been before I flipped it. I flipped it back over and let it cook longer, until all the pancakes were nice and browned:

Once they were all done, I sprinkled some kosher salt on them, and drained them on paper towels.

Jay never got around to eating his. The bambino finished his baby pancake, then asked for another. I started to split my second one in half to share with him, and Jay gave me his, so I could give the other one to the bambino. He scarfed it. I slopped a bunch of applesauce on mine and inhaled it. And I capped off the evening with some cookies:

And with that, I shall be off to bed. I’ve gotten up the past 2 days to exercise, and tomorrow, I plan to start my day with yoga. It’s helping with my SAD, so I need to keep at it. And for anyone interested…I’ll have some info on my very first giveaway tomorrow evening!!!

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