Buffalo chicken, gum & a giveaway!

While I had a really awesome day yesterday, Jay had kind of a crappy day. Since I was already planning on cooking last night’s dinner, I told him to think of what he wanted for tonight’s meal. We had to go and pick up our Christmas cards, and run errands , so in the end, he and the bambino decided on George’s. Unfortunately, parking in downtown Brookings is somewhat of a pain, so we had to walk a bit.

It was too cold to bother getting any other outside pictures, but there’s fun décor inside:

Jay wanted pizza, the bambino wanted chicken, and I wanted something with buffalo sauce. I didn’t want a whole pizza, so I got the buffalo chicken sandwich:

It was delicious. I had a Coke, which I don’t usually drink. Anymore I find soda way too sweet. And I’ve been snacking on sweets at work–Customers have been bringing in holiday goodies as of late, and they’ve been in the breakroom for all to share.

Afterward, we popped out to the grocery store because I needed some chewing gum, and where I found a new brand of Greek yogurt:

I’ve seen Athenos in the Wal-Mart here in town, but until this evening, I didn’t know Hy-Vee was carrying it too. I doubt it will be as awesome as my delicious and beloved Fage but I’m willing to give it a try. I’ll know tomorrow morning what I think of it.

And finally, I am happy to announce my very first giveaway*! Spices Inc. is providing one lucky individual the opportunity to both create their own spice set, as well as winning a set of those spices. Also, the lucky winner’s set will be available for sale on the Spices Inc. website! Here’s what you have to do to enter:

1. Visit Spices Inc. and peruse their list of spices, extracts, & seasonings. I swear I think they offer everything under the sun that can possibly be used as a seasoning or spice! Come up with a set of 6 spices, AND a clever name for your set.

2. Leave a comment listing your set, as well as its name (and make sure to provide your email address) by Noon CST on Monday, December 13th. Greg Patterson (the Spices Inc. CEO) will choose a winner, based on creativity of both the spice set itself, and the name of the spice set.

Disclosure: I did win a set of spices from Spices Inc. this past October. However, I approached them regarding this giveaway and they are in no way compensating me or paying me for this giveaway. I happen to be extremely pleased with their products, as well as their customer service, and I wanted to share that with the rest of the blogging world!

So get out your thinking caps and come up with your list of spices!

*The contest is open only to U. S. residents.

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11 Replies to “Buffalo chicken, gum & a giveaway!”

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  2. Rachel what a great idea! Can I say that I love that they have a spice set called “When You Don’t Know What Else To Get” – funny!

    Here’s my list. I’d rather bake than cook and these all remind me of my Grandma who so loved to bake Christmas cookies. I forgo the weight worries this month & give into baking like she always did. So that’s why I’m going with:
    Momma’s House
    – Vanilla Extract
    – Cocoa Powder
    – Korintje Cinnamon Powder
    – Cream of Tarter
    – Ginger Root Powder
    – Allspice

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  4. “Butter Me Up”:
    Fennel Seed
    Salt, Sea
    Greek Oregano

    A simple compound butter with any combination of these spices instantly turns you into a master chef. New culinary worlds instantly open. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Roast a chicken with any or all of these spices mixed with butter under and on top of the skin and monuments will be built in your honor!

  5. “World Class”

    Manzanillo Mexican Seasoning
    Burger Blast
    Greek Seasoning
    Spaghetti Seasonin
    South Australian Flake Salt

    This set represents unique spices and seasonings from around the world: Mexico, America, Greece, Italy, Africa, and Australia. It will satisfy any taste bud and add culture to your kitchen!

  6. “Bitch’s Blend”

    Spanish Paprika
    Peppercorn Beef Rub
    Chinese Mustard Powder
    Wasabi Powder
    Garlic Flakes
    Creole Seasoning

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  9. Sweet & Spicy
    Organic Saigon Cinnamon Powder
    Organic Whole Cardamom Pods
    Almond extract (I can never have enough!)
    Chipotle Salt
    Habanero Flakes

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