Finally Friday!

I had to keep reminding myself that today was Friday. It’s always a little weird having a day off during the week. I was able to get caught up on a lot at work, which was nice. I might actually get caught up with everything before the end of the year…But we’ll see.

And you’ll notice a new badge on my blog…A few weeks ago, I was contacted about being part of a group blogging project and representing South Dakota by Eric & Tiffany, of the blog The Guerilla Gourmet. The Cornucopia Project was revealed today, and is a collection of Thanksgiving celebrations around the country.

I’m glad I went grocery shopping last night–We’re under a blizzard warning right now. Hopefully we get lucky, and this peters out like it has in the past. We’ll see though. But because I got ingredients last night, I was able to make Baked Tortellini with Bacon.

I got out all my ingredients while I baked some dinner rolls.

And because I didn’t need all the bacon or all the tortellini, I had the opportunity to use probably my 3rd favorite appliance (behind my bread machine & my immersion blender):

My Seal-A-Meal! Granted, the one I have is an older model, which I received as wedding shower gift from my best friend, Barbee, her mom & her sister. I don’t use it nearly as much as I should, but I freakin’ love this thing (yeah, I’m a dork)!

The tortellini turned out beautifully:

Cheesy, bacony, delicious.

And there are plenty of leftovers, so we’ll either have some lunch tomorrow, or I’ll have lunch for Monday.

I am rather tired, as I’ve not been sleeping all that well lately, so I’m heading off to bed in a few minutes. Don’t forget to enter to win your own custom-set of gourmet spices by Monday!

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5 Replies to “Finally Friday!”

  1. Haha- I’m in minnesota, but I stocked up on food yesterday because of the “snowmageddon” as well. I don’t eat bacon, but it sure looks pretty!

    • I feel bad for you folks in MN–You guys have gotten hammered this year! I’m glad we decided to just hunker down until trying to dig out Monday morning…I’ll get a lot of cooking & baking done over the next 48 hours!

  2. Hi, Rachel. I remember the “Seal-a-meal” from info-mercials, though I did see a variant not too long ago in Vancouver. I bet it does work for all your sealing needs.

    Now I would enter your giveaway, but it’s discriminating against Canadians (why, eh?). Not that I’m unused to such things in the world of food contests (and others – I enjoy entering these things and win stuff on occasion).

    I hope you survive the snow. We just have lots of rain, darkness, and not-too-cold weather. It could be worse!



  3. Ashley–It was really good comfort food-And really simple!

    Dan–I am insane and will vacuum-seal anything I can get my hands on! I’m already planning on using it again to seal up a pork tenderloin & some potatoes I’m going to marinade overnight.

    And I specifically asked if the contest would be open to Canadians (with you in mind)…Alas, they said no. :(

    The snow itself isn’t too bad–It’s the howling wind & the temp that’s the real problem. It’s supposed to “warm” up to the 20’s later next week, though!