“Turn the white snow red as strawberries…”

I’m trying not to freak out–I’m planning on going to Sioux Falls tomorrow, and it’s snowing again right now. Granted, Brookings is only supposed to get an inch, and Sioux Falls is supposed to get a dusting, but I’m still paranoid as hell about the trip down & back. Actually, the drive down will be worse, as my stupid anxiety will be heightened. No matter. I’ll drive 45 on the highway–Let the old folks pass me. I drive a KIA anyway. I never go that fast!

My real reason for venturing down there is to finish up Christmas shopping for the bambino–He needs some stocking stuffers. I’m thinking socks, maybe some new superhero underpants (for whenever he decides to start using the toilet like a big kid), and…Well, whatever else I can come up with! Maybe some candy. While I’m there, I’m also planning on visiting Pomegranate Market for the first time. I have a feeling I’ll be spending a lot of money there. But we’ll see. It might mean I just skip popping into Great Harvest.

I did really well with cooking & even baking over the weekend, but Monday night, I gave Jay & the bambino the option of leftovers or pizza. The bambino chose pizza.

Because I still can’t stomach frozen pizzas, I opted for some cheese tostadas:

They would’ve been the perfect replica of Zantigo tostadas, if only I’d had a cheddar-jack blend of cheese. Next time!

Last night, because I was still feeling super-lazy, I let Domino’s do the cooking. Which reminds me that there’s still a few pieces of pizza left in the fridge. Tonight, though, I actually cooked, using the cookbook the bambino gave me for my birthday. I’d bookmarked a recipe for some Greek meatballs:

They were pretty quick & easy to make, and best of all, they cooked in the oven.

The recipe suggested they be served with rice & tomato sauce, so I started some brown rice before I made the meatballs. Sadly, though, I had to skimp on the tomato sauce, as we didn’t have a whole lot of Amy’s Family Marinara left. I LOVE that stuff! Guess it’s a good thing I’m planning on going shopping tomorrow.

Jay was a little skeptical about the meatballs, as they contained mint, but it wasn’t over-powering, and we both went back for seconds. There are even a few leftovers he can take to work tomorrow, if he wants.

And now, as I have received an email from Greg Patterson, the Spices Inc. CEO, I can announce that Erin’s entry was chosen as the winner of my giveaway!!!! Congratulations Erin!!! I forwarded most of your contact info on, but if you’d do me the favor of emailing me your phone number, they’ll need that too (in case there’s any problem with your order)! I thank everyone who entered–I had much fun hosting my first giveaway, and Erin, I hope you enjoy your set of spices!!! Pretty soon, anyone who wants will be able to order their own set of “Momma’s House,” as it will be available for sale on the Spices Inc. website.

And on that note, I’m going to bed now, so as to drag myself up early and hit the elliptical before I make my white-knuckled trip to Sioux Falls. It’ll lessen my anxiety, and help perk me up since it’s been about 24 hours, if not longer since the sun was out. Stupid SAD!

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2 Replies to ““Turn the white snow red as strawberries…””

  1. Yeah me! My grandma would be so proud. We’ve been baking all week for teacher gifts, etc. and I’m running out of all my spices. I’ll email you my #!