“I was following the pack…”

On the one hand, I’m glad my brain sometimes goes into overdrive with freaking out & worrying, because nine times out of ten, things are seriously blown out of proportion. Like my worry about road conditions:

On the other hand, I hate when that happens, as it usually results in an upset stomach and a tension headache, which is annoying. I obviously made it to Sioux Falls and back, got my final stocking stuffer stuff, as well as a couple small treats for me:

They’ll go well with my lunchbox, don’t you think?

And I got to visit this place:

Hooray for Pomegranate Market!!! If it is possible to be in love with a grocery store, I am. They’ve been open less than 2 weeks, and they are rather small, but I was dazzled by the selection. And I went ahead and did the bulk of my grocery shopping there.

I tried to get things mostly that I can’t find here in Brookings. Like this particular milk.

Glass bottles!!! Which required a $2/bottle deposit, which is refunded upon my return of them. And that’s cool. I remember one of the Giant Eagle stores back in Columbus carried milk in glass bottles from an Ohio dairy, which were twice as much as these, without the deposit. And I got a bunch of meat:

I was pleasantly surprised to see Cliff’s Grassfed Beef as one of the choices!

And I also found it amusing that it was more expensive there in the store than when I buy it from Cliff himself at the Brookings Farmers Market. That’s store mark-up for ya! I also bought some stuff from Applegate:

That ham will be used for ham & cheese sandwiches at some point in the next couple days.

I also picked up some goodies for the bambino & I:

Larabars I have never seen in Brookings, and Justin’s!! I’ve seen both the chocolate hazelnut butter & the chocolate almond butter all over the blogosphere, but haven’t been able to find them until now. I haven’t been this excited for a bowl of oatmeal or some toast since I found Dark Chocolate Dreams in Brookings!

And finally, I got myself some produce:

A couple nights ago, the bambino was watching “The Jungle Book,” and during the scene where Mowgli’s dancing with the monkeys, the bambino came running into the kitchen yelling “I want a banana, Mama!” I felt like a crappy mom for having to tell him we were out, especially once he started crying. This afternoon, after I showed him I’d picked up some, he ate 2.

I think I spent about an hour wandering around Pomegranate Market, before I finally checked out. And talk about service–They brought all my groceries to my car & loaded them in my trunk! Cool! I’m excited to go back, and I hope it does really well & sticks around for a long time.

And now that dinner’s finished, I’m going to go put on elastic-waist pants, pack my lunch for tomorrow, set up my coffee maker, and chill with my family for a couple hours before bed!

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2 Replies to ““I was following the pack…””

  1. I used to love the Jungle book as a kid, but I had salmonella when I was 4 and all they fed me was gatorade and bananas. After that, I was disgusted by monkeys and mowgli for that mater.

    • I don’t like bananas to begin with, and since I only ever drink Gatorade whenever I’m sick, I usually try & avoid it if I can. Monkeys ARE gross–I don’t know why it is that every guy I know seems to love them and think they’re awesome. I don’t get it.