“I came so close, man, I almost had it…”

I’ve been having kind of a “I need to wallow & feel sorry for myself” kind of day. It just hasn’t seemed like Christmas this year, my KitchenAid fund has been depleted, and my SAD has been in full-swing over the past couple days. However, I decided to focus on some positive things, since a bunch of negativity isn’t cool. So I present a few things that are making me happy, in spite of me still wanting to wallow:

It might not be a huge collection of nut butters, but I’m working on it. Anything with chocolate is good.

Breakfast. Especially breakfast with Fage. I love that stuff.

We went to Guadalajara for dinner tonight, and I could make a meal just out of their chips & salsa. Yum. And for dessert?

Chocolate makes everything better..And so does the best thing in my life ever:

My little bambino says the cutest stuff, like telling me that my hair is pretty & crunchy (from hairspray). Even when I’m gloomy, he can cheer me up in a heartbeat.

So now I’ll head off to bed, and maybe tomorrow will be a better day!

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