“Now I warp like a smile…”

I have no idea what our actual snowfall total was for today, but I have to stop giving everyone back home crap for whatever snow they’ve gotten now.

It doesn’t look too bad, does it?

What I wouldn’t give for a snowblower! I did a LOT…The front walk, and both sidewalks around our lot. Darn corner lots. Oh well. I had far too many Christmas cookies at work, so I was looking for exercise. And when I finally came inside, I was starving! I’d planned on making breakfast for dinner, which I got to work on as soon as I got into warm clothes.

My hash brown got a little burnt. No matter. I was hungry enough I ate it anyway. And I washed it all down with some chocolate milk:

Not like I didn’t have enough sugar at work today. But we’re down to a half gallon of regular milk and I want to save that for the bambino.

But I am now thoroughly exhausted, so I’m going to bed…Even though my neighbor is using his snow blower right now…On his gravel driveway. Which doesn’t make much sense to me, but whatever. I need to rest up–Apparently we’re supposed to get 3 more inches on Thursday. Joy. Every winter I question my decision to move to this part of the country, and this is why.

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